Monday, November 30, 2015

November's Snapshot!

 photo IMG-20151101-WA0003.jpg
Another month has passed.
This year is coming to an end very soon now.

Anyway! November's full of my selfie~ :p Lol.

 photo IMG-20151124-WA0015.jpg  photo IMG-20151124-WA0014.jpg

 photo 20151113_130653.jpg 
Showing off my lunch one day @ Marché.

 photo 20151113_130635.jpg
Clearly, we ordered too much food for 3.
There was just my supervisor, Birgit and myself. Lol.

 photo 20151113_130456.jpg
Went to town and met up with Birgit, just because...

 photo IMG-20151106-WA0005.jpg
Another lunch date with her in town.

 photo 20151111_124543.jpg
The last lunch we had with Birgit before her engagement with us comes to an end.
This shot, before the Marché and Korean food above. Lol.

 photo IMG-20151117-WA0002.jpg
Her official last day with us.

 photo Maybank-Avaloq-Project.jpg

 photo 20151117_171829.jpg
Testing testing the instax.

 photo 20151117_174255.jpg  photo 20151117_174329.jpg

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 photo IMG-20151111-WA0010.jpg
Providing free courier service........

 photo IMG-20151112-WA0002.jpg
... And this is what my friends talk about behind me. LOL.

 photo IMG-20151101-WA0009.jpg

 photo IMG-20151106-WA0001.jpg

ps: All these shameless selfies are just sent to Weishan to annoy her. LOL.

 photo IMG-20151110-WA0004.jpg
#goodgirl91 sending proof shot to the mother.

 photo IMG-20151113-WA0007.jpg
Random night we saw each other at Kovan.

 photo 2015-11-09 22.39.49.jpg

 photo 2015-11-09 22.39.57.jpg

 photo 20151129_110349.jpg
First Christmas present this year!
Was shopping with Weishan and kept mentioning I am very tempted to try their toner.

She told me to wait, but I couldn't and took a box. Turns out, she wanted to get it for me. Awwww♥

 photo 20151129_110432.jpg

 photo 20151126_231821.jpg  photo 20151126_231922.jpg
Second Christmas present from the supervisor. Love it! :D

 photo IMG-20151127-WA0001.jpg

December, lets gogo!

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