Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Day of November

Couldn't think of a better title for today's entry, so gave a literal one. :D
This explanation for....? Lol.

So today's the last day of November, another month completed..
Another month nearer to the end of 2015....

SO WE DID.....

 photo P1400772.jpg
Another Birthday celebration with the team~ Hahaha.

Today's teatime theme was... SWEET!

 photo P1400764.jpg
There was my favourite fruit tart, an apple strudel, a smaller strawberry strudel, the birthday cake and some random Indian dishes.
It's difficult to escape ordering Indian dishes huh..... :X

 photo P1400763.jpg

2 strudels because a colleague has never had them!
And 2 is always better than 1. :X

 photo P1400762.jpg

 photo P1400766.jpg
The birthday cake!
Though it is quite a hassle to arrange these quaterly birthday celebrations, it feels good to gather the team every once in a while to celebrate. :)

 photo P1400773.jpg
Feels good to know people would feel at least a little bit of happiness at work!

We also get to have a mini break from the mundane work.

 photo P1400771.jpg

 photo IMG-20151130-WA0001.jpg
Another random selfie (last shot was few days agao with Shruti X) of the day as Mira got tasked to take a shot with her plant.

More about our game in December when we celebrate Christmas! :D

 photo IMG-20151130-WA0000.jpg
Another task someone's mother gave. Hahaha.

 photo IMAG2907.jpg
&After work, we met! :D

Went Takashimaya for more Christmas shopping, but to no avail. :(( I really love-hate Christmas. Tsk.
There's so many things to buy, but then... There's not much things to buy. Lol.

Chiulee came to join us after work too. Had dinner at Beanstro!

 photo IMAG2904.jpg

Rare times to meet after work since everyone's just exhausted these days... I guess Christmas is indeed magical, even the dreadful gift shopping brings people together. Hahaha.

 photo 20151130_215022.jpg

 photo IMAG2906.jpg

And okay. Bye!

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