Sunday, November 01, 2015

Naps Are Bad......

.. for me... :(

The last I could remember regularly taking naps were before turning 7, before attending Primary School.... Ever since then, I stop taking naps because it'll make it harder to sleep at night. Naps make me toss and turn too much at night. They were too torturous!

But as I grow older, like 20-ish older, I keep feeling drowsy in the middle of the day when I have nothing to do. Literally when I have 'nothing better to do'. hahaha. When I then give in to the Zzz monster and take a nap, it's hardly ever a nap! Power naps are supposedly 20 minutes long. But when I decide to take a nap, I'll always find it hard to wake up when my alarm sound. Then, I'll snooze it so much that it becomes a 2-hour long 'nap'.

There's another thing about naps that freaks me out. There are many times when I feel/dream that I am drained from all my strength and energy to move.. Almost like.. sleep paralysis. I am not sure if that's really what I experience during my naps, but it does feel like so. Sometimes, I'll dream(?) that my mum is trying to wake me, but I cannot move no matter how hard I try. And it can keep happening during my 'short' naps.

Today, it happened again.

I believe I've experience this sleep paralysis at least 3 times during my 1+ hour 'nap'. It's not something new to me, but it's kind of really creeping me this time. It never happens when I have proper sleep at proper times (at night) *touchwood*. So, I am starting to wonder if naps are bad for me....

I mean... It's freaking 2:45am now and I can't sleep from that nap I took. :( And damn that awful experience. I was trying so freaking hard to move and wake up because I had things planned out for my evening.. End up feeling even more tired after my nap. Lol.

So yes, I think naps are bad for me. Sobs.

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