Monday, August 03, 2015

One Year.

Oh, how time flies.

I've worked in Maybank for exactly one year now. Exactly. Started this same date last year. One year. :O

Completed the first milestone, and now, to many more worklife milestones... Then again, can I really consider this as a milestone? :/

Hmm... I suddenly wonder if I'll continue keeping track of time and blog about my 10th, 20th or 30th year of working. Lol.

Maybe not.

It's been one goodbad ride here in Maybank, and I'm actually pretty glad I got renewed. Despite receiving many advice to leave, I've decided to be stubborn and stay a little longer... Just a little longer. There's so much more I can improve as an individual, and I want to polish myself a little more first... Strengthen my goods, and improve on my bads before I present a better self to the next employer. Giving myself another..... 6 months? Planning to start job hunting in 5 months time. But who knows, I may very well complete this other year too. :/

We can plan our lives all we want, plan for every step we'll take, but the future is certainly unpredictable. :/

One certain thing in my near future though; My completion bonus!!!! CAN'T WAIT!!! MOAR MONEY!!! :D

Going to have to save at least half of it though.... T^T Have been spending too much lately, and barely saved enough. Woes of a spendthrift.


One shallow reason (just one of the many) why I'm staying, is because my supervisor and boss are pretty lenient with my leave applications. Semithanks to them, I'VE MANAGED TO PLAN AND GO FOR 4 VACATIONS THIS YEAR!!! Once every quarter (almost).. Superduper happy.

There was KL in January (read), Cruised to Tokyo in April (read), Phuket in July (read) and next..... PERTH in October! :D

Now, here's a toast to myself for a good one year with Maybank, and to many more work years! *clink*

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