Thursday, August 06, 2015


At work right now, listening to SHINee's 'Married To The Music' X to keep myself awake while sneakily typing out a quick update. :D I am feeling shooo sleepy today... Feeling sleep deprived, and I wanna just head home to sleep! These days, I've been waking up and immediately looking forward to going back to sleep. Like right after I open my eyes, I think of myself coming back home to sleep already. Lol.

It's been a pretty crazy Tuesday and Wednesday. Shooo busy that time flew. I like this busy work life.. I like losing track of time while emerging myself with work. (Whether or not the work is meaningful is another thing :X ) It's like... I've just settled down to start on the work, but the next thing I know, it's lunch time. :O And then when I'm busy trying to finish everything on hand, it's time to knock off. :O

Anyway, I am so so so looking forward to the long weekend! It's such a rarity to have an extra Public Holiday! There's so many Public Holidays to enjoy this year. Me love! HEHE. And I am as happy as I am excited that Singapore is turning 50! Such a milestone. Even though the one who has brought us this far couldn't join us for the celebration, I am sure he's watching it all from above. ♥

Speaking of which, the National Day Parade this year is pretty good. Really enjoyed myself with Chiulee few weeks ago. Read here!

Another exciting thing for this long weekend.......................;

My parents are away!!! They'll be travelling to Bangkok for a short vacaton, which spells..... F-R-E-E-D-O-M for me! Muahahahha. :p And all I am going to do is... STAY AT HOME! The best time to stay all day at home is when your parents are not there to nag your ears off. :X Lol. I am so going to just waste my days doing nothing... Simply nothing at all! My parents were extremely lucky though.. They purchased their airtickets ONE DAY before the Government announced that 7th August will be a Public Holiday too. So, they got their airtickets at such cheap prices before they shot up the next day. Tsktsk.

Okay, back to work!


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