Saturday, August 08, 2015

Halal Brunch!

What better ways to celebrate the long weekend than to spend it with great friends and enjoy good food? Hehe.

First up on my Friday was a brunch with Syuhada! A lame title I've got there, but it's both our first time trying out a halal brunch! Not sure if that even links as an explanation. Lol.

ANYWAY. Flavour Flings X it's called. I was thrilled to find that the cafe is near my place... Also why I picked it actually. :X And I'll always be happy when Swensens' is not the place we go to. Lol. The cafe is somewhat near my place because it's still winthin Hougang, but it's located a little deep into the residential area. Took us a while to find the place even with the help of our GPS.

But, I'm glad we found it anyway!

 photo P1390173.jpg  photo P1390172.jpg
Us, our truffle fries and Syuhada's hot chocolate.

 photo P1390175.jpg
It was a birthday treat for her! ^^ 3 days late, but better than never!

 photo P1390171.jpg

 photo P1390174.jpg
Eggs Jupiter

We shared all that and had their The Awesome One pancakes! Food was nice and prices were relatively wallet friendly. Nothing stood out from other brunch food I've had, but they were still tasty! The pancake wasn't too sweet to my liking, which is good. Won't mind going back again because it's somewhat near my place and I like the setup of the cafe. Spacious and bright!

Would wanna try their Breakfast For Champs the next time too. Heh.

 photo 11855775_10153519381752834_1834045698734943725_n.jpg  photo 11873745_10153519381802834_6300186475714619880_n.jpg
Us at the bus stop heading back our separate ways.
We were all dolled up, but were both feeling very uncomfortable and wet at this point. Lol.

Apart from the food and a good catchup, I believe we'll remember this brunch for a little while longer. Thanks to the pouring rain, we were semi-drenched when we arrived. And I..... actually got down a bus stop later, giving us no choice, but to brave through the heavy downpour making us wetter than we should have been. Lol. I was quite bothered by my wet shoe during brunch and I'm glad we had a long enough brunch to air-dry my shoes. :X Lol.

We didn't have afterplans or hungout very much longer after lunch because the birthday girl had another party to attend to, while I had my own after plans with my favourite peeps.

 photo P1390177.jpg  photo P1390176.jpg
Myself, The Awesome One.
I meant... Myself, and The Awesome One. HAHAHAHA.

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