Saturday, August 08, 2015

Satisfying Our Crave

After a good brunch, a great dinner should always follow behind. /fatdie Lol.

One type of food that the few of us (mostly just Weishan and I actually) will never stop craving for is........... Korean BBQ!!!!!
In fact, I think it's the only food we'll suddenly start craving for most often. I don't remember craving for anything else as much..... :/ I'm thinking about KFC now though. hahahaha.

ANYWAY!!! After talking about our Korean BBQ cravings for a while, we finally scheduled a date for the dinner! :D

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....With a few of our other goodfriends too!
Food taste best when you're dining with a great company.
It's the SG50 weekend, so the restaurant had some photo takings going on; Explains this very patriotic photo of us. Lol.

We went for........ I'm KIM Korean BBQ X!

We obviously enjoyed dinner. hehehehe.

First time there and I REALLY LIKE THAT PLACE!!! There was a great variety of side dishes, and I especially love their honey glazed sweet potato.. I had so much of that!! Thinking of it now makes me want some again! ><

We used to just settle with Goki Day X when we crave for Korean BBQ because it's cheap and easily accessible from our place. It takes me less than 30 minutes to reach there!! So near..... But for the price we pay at Goki Day, we'll mostly eat just meat because they don't have that great a variety of side dishes.

Imagine my joy this time when the others brought in so many kinds of side dishes to eat with the meat they brought together!!! Lol. The side dishes were very tasty too! Not sub-standard. You won't get sick of spamming too much meat with their variety yo.

With our reservation, we were given seats at a small sector. Everything started out fine and was fine, until we started grilling our meat....... We suddenly couldn't stop coughing. Our throat felt really ticklish, and it made us cough so much that half of us were tearing up. It was quite a funny scene. Most of us were tearing and laughing at the same time. Lol.

Slowly, other patrons in our sector started coughing together with us.... Lol. Not sure if we were the cause for their discomfort because they were eating just fine before we arrived. Lol.

Turns out, their air-conditioning broke down earlier today and there was some issues with their ventilation inside. When we finally couldn't take it and voiced out to their staffs, they were all very kind and helped shift us outside when a table was available. It felt like we could finally breathe when we were out. Lol.

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Before dinner, Jolene and I met up first to do a little shopping and walking around because we were available earlier than the others.

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Also wanted to return some library books, and here's jolene posing with my books :x. lol.

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After dinner, we settled down at the new Korean cafe/bakery beside I'm Kim Korean BBQ for some........ Bingsu!
KOKOMAMA X has a few (6 types?) Bingsu selection to choose from, and we ordered 3 kinds (Oreo, Soy Bean and Mango).

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We ordered 3, but you see 4 here because Strawberry was a "service" given by the staffs. Hehehe. So nice of them.

I wasn't crazy about their Soybean Bingsu though. Tasted a little bit weird, and I think the one at Chick N Ken (the time I was there was Jolene) is still the best I've had here.

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More wefies, and not more words....

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