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I am in such high high HIGH SPIRITS today!! ^^ Feeling proud and extremely happy after watching this year's National Day Parade (Preview) with Chiulee. So much so that I have the urge to blog about ma day. :P

 photo IMAG1992.jpg
With fellow Singaporeans(or not) dressed in red / white together!
We were excited like kids today! xD

It's been 13 years since the last time I got to watch the preview parade! We were 11 then, but I still remember bits and pieces of that evening..............

I remember wearing sunglasses that day because I was having sore eyes... But during our briefing session in the school's canteen, my teacher spotted me and told me to take it off. Hurrr.. I must have stood out in the school of Primary 5 kids with black eyes that evening. Lol. So embarrassing to be called out then. I remember singing during the bus ride to the location, and me trying to make my crush not look at my sore eye. HAHAHAHHAHA. I also remember boarding the wrong bus that night after the parade. Instead of the bus for 'Xinmin' we got on the one that says 'Min Xin'. The night was pretty chaotic because there were so so so many students.

There were also those many assembly sessions where we were trying to learn the dance for the song that year:

I somehow can still remember a little of the dance. :O

So much memories... But reading my flashback now, it seems like there weren't much memories of the parade itself? Lol. I do remember being very very awed when the fireworks were shot up... I remember singing along the many songs and singing/saying our national anthem and pledge with plenty of gusto. Hahahah. I also remember that day was bloody hot. LOL. But we all had fun. 年轻单纯的时候 :') If only I had a camera then.. I would have taken so many pictures!

ANYWAY! Even though I've only experienced the previews, I am more than just satisfied being able to watch them live. I believe every participants and performers still give their best on stage or in the air. Preview or not. Besides, these full dress rehearsals allow a lot more of us to watch it live too! Preview or not.

This year is a lot more special to me though........

 photo P1380889.jpg

'She' has come so far now... Even though we're still very young compared to many countries, I'm sure we're not losing out in other aspects. Age is just a number, isn't it? Or maybe I'm just going with the mediaplay that it's a big deal to turn 50? lol.

 photo P1380868.jpg

Not that I have any special memories at Padang, but the fact that our very first parade 50 years ago was held there, makes it special to be back.

Just, a little sad that our late Prime Minister is only watching us from up there this special year. :/ Before the parade, they showed a short video clip of him as a tribute, and I couldn't help but tear a little again.. It's touching how so many of us feel sad for this one person who most of us have no relation to. Just knowing him and knowing what he has done for Singapore... The tribute segment was a little sad, but it was very very very pleasant at the same time... To have included him as part of the celebration. To remind us of him and his contributions.


 photo P1380873.jpg
Many thanks to my mother for the tickets! :)
They were very good seats too.. Facing the stage headon and the area where they shot fireworks.

 photo P1380872.jpg  photo P1380871.jpg

Taking selfies while queueing up! The weather was pretty hot, but good for that day!

 photo P1380869.jpg  photo P1380874.jpg

 photo P1380870.jpg

 photo P1380875.jpg
There was even a reception for us prior to the show!
Everyone who was there seem to know everyone but us. Lol. Ticket holders were mostly for people in the Armed Forces or Air Force.

 photo P1380876.jpg  photo P1380878.jpg
Got nice Funpacks this year!
Opened them up once we were seated. Lol.

 photo P1380879.jpg
The reception was held in the National Gallery Singapore X and it is looking good!

 photo P1380880.jpg  photo P1380881.jpg

 photo P1380883.jpg  photo P1380882.jpg
We had to make a little detour around the entire seating because we were given these blue tags that were supposedly for people from the Air Forces. -.- We weren't supposed to be given a tag, but got it anyway, and end up going to the wrong side.

 photo P1380886.jpg
Parade filled with plenty of reds!
The field of red opposite us are schools of Primary 5 kids. :') So nostalgic!
They were very noisy though. Lol. Feels good seeing so so so many people dressed in red/white for something in common.

 photo P1380888.jpg
The Red Lions!
And our usual "Oooooooooooooooh" before they land

 photo 20150718_184121.jpg
2 scenes in one shot. The contigents in position and the man singing!
Has Chiulee's favourite part of the parade (contingents marching) and mine (performance)!

OH! One part of the parade I've enjoyed a lot this year was when the pioneer generation came out! Though not all were marching, it was so so so lovely to see them doll up in the uniforms from back then! Kindda cute. :X It was also somewhat touching to me to see an entire family all serving the nation. :') Chiulee says it's her dream to have a family like that too. Lol.

 photo 20150718_194756.jpg
Can you see what the big lighted up things are?

 photo 20150718_195146.jpg
Singapore's iconic things!
Singa, Durian, Chilli Crab, Tissue paper to chop seats, Changi Airport and other mascots we have/had!

 photo 20150718_195434.jpg
Cute right!

 photo 20150718_195517.jpg
They even made our old-school playground. Lol. I don't remember playing in that dragon though. :/

 photo 20150718_195450.jpg

 photo 20150718_200217.jpg
This was very interesting too! Kids running around wearing these LED lights. I wonder if they'll feel very hot in it.......

 photo 20150718_200343.jpg

 photo P1380893.jpg

 photo 20150718_200604.jpg
JJ Lin!

Funny incident: We actually didn't believe the real JJ Lin was performing tonight because we were..... lied to twice! When the hosts first annouce that Stephanie Sun was the next performer, both Chiulee and I got damn excited!!! But, a standin was singing the song instead.. =.= Then, we got very excited again when they said Kit Chan's 'Home' was the next number............. And yeap, she didn't appear too. So when they annouce that JJ Lin was going to sing this years' song, we were like.... "mehh" BUT HE REALLY CAME OUT! We just looked at each other wide eyes and all smile-ly. Lol. Though we obviously cannot really see him, it's still damn cool to hear them sing live!

 photo 20150718_201125.jpg

 photo 20150718_201433.jpg
Highlight of the celebration! Lighting the candles FIREWORKS!!!!
Am not exacltly a crazy fan of fireworks, but the ones displayed this year is a lot better!

And with that, the night ended with our Singapore songs ringing in our heads. Lol.

 photo IMAG2034.jpg

 photo IMAG2033.jpg  photo IMAG2033.jpg

 photo P1380890.jpg

Left the place and was greeted by plenty of excited ushers singing goodbyes to us! So cute and a little embarrassing because we had to keep saying "bye" too. Lol.

 photo IMAG2039.jpg
Us with a rainbow bridge sent to our group convo in whatsapp! (Inside joke. hehe)

 photo IMAG2030.jpg

 photo IMAG2010.jpg

 photo IMAG1991.jpg
Can't wait to watch it again on TV! The real deal. :D

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