Saturday, July 25, 2015

She Sell Seashells On The Seashore

I'm exhausted after 2 hours of cardio, Kickboxing and Zumba earlier (damn I love our Friday instructor!), but I'm very awake and very excited for my trip tomorrow.



First trip together!! It may also be the last one till a very long time; Jolene is going to begin her stewardess career soon, and Chiulee may join the Navy next year. :(( It'll just be Weishan, Yanling and I then. WHERE THE FUN!!! Of course, Karena is already a stewardess, but she managed arrange something to make it for the trip!!!

It's okay... Treasure and enjoy what we have now. The present is more important than the past or the future!!!! Lol.

Typing nonsense now.

ANYWAY! Random update to tire my eyes because I'm too excited to sleep, but too lazy to finish packing. :X

 photo IMG-20150725-WA0003.jpg
Here's me earlier... Showing off what I was doing to the girls. Hahahhaa.
I don't see the appeal of just sending a picture of what I'm doing without my face in it, you see. xD

 photo IMG-20150723-WA0013.jpg  photo IMG-20150723-WA0011.jpg
And here's me last night. Showing off my new nails (explains the title because my middle finger has a seashell lolol), and me eating an egg.

Was complaining to the girls that my eggs are overcooked and Karena whatsapp yelled that I can no longer give birth anymore. LOLOL. What is wrong with this girl?! Lol.

Annnnnnnnd, I'm back to packing.

Also can't wait for my 4th trip this year, PERTH PERTH PERTH PERTH PERTH!!

Blog again soon. ;)

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