Monday, July 27, 2015

Villa Life

Ow, how time flies~ In a blink of an eye, another weekend has past.
&Like weekends, good times always come and go in a jiffy; Too brief, and too quickly sometimes. :(

But the past weekend was like no other.
Still gone too quickly, but it was very well spent with ma girlfriends at Phuket. We had a lot of fun just lazing around in our Villa. It would have been perfect if we also got butlers around. Hahahha. Kidding.

It was a simple weekend together.

A short getaway weekend, a weekend of villa life!

 photo P1380928.jpg
Here's us infront of our Villa.
Yes, our private villa, our private pool!

Weishan did most of the research, and after much comparisons, we finally found something suitable for this vacation; Somewhere nice, has a private pool and is affordable!
Booked a two-bedroom villa from Two Villas Holiday X.

 photo P1390088.jpg
Just us 5 this time because Kesslyn is financially exhausted and is still adapting to her relatively new job.

It's such a convenience to have a private pool right outside your villa!
You just wake up, wash up, stretch a little, open the door, take a few steps and jump into the pool!

And that's what we did the second day. Breakfast was not on our first agenda, soaking in the pool came first. xD

 photo P1380933.jpg
It was such a joy traveling with these girlfriends. ^^

We were also lucky that the weather was good! Good weather = great lighting = plenty of pretty pictures!!!
We took so many, too many, pretty pictures that I couldn't decide which shot I like more. So, PICTURE SPAM!!! :D

 photo P1380908.jpg
ϟϟ DAY 1 : ARRIVAL ϟϟ

 photo IMG-20150725-WA0007.jpg
Us at Changi Airport, before boarding.
Karena's bro gave us a ride, and we met Chiulee and Jolene straight at the airport.

 photo IMG-20150725-WA0009.jpg
Us at Phuket's airport, waiting for other baggages to arrive. :D

We requested for the Villa's transport service to pick us from the airport. Paid for it of course.

After exiting the airport, we had a brief moment of feeling important as we search for someone to hold up a paper with my name on it............ That excitement only lasted for 5 minutes. We had to wait for quite a bit and only found our driver after calling the Villa to check if someone was actually there for us. Tsktsk. The driver also came off slightly creepy when he started praising how pretty the girls look a few times. Lol.

But all is fine as we safely arrived at the remotely located Villa around.............. 40 minutes later.

 photo P1380896.jpg
Checking in and checking out what's available around.

We couldn't go for other activities (most of them takes up at least half a day) because of the short trip, so we decide to make full use of the Villa instead.

Besides, as mentioned, our Villa is located a little far from the main places in Phuket. It would be a waste of time to spend our vacation on the road, traveling to other areas for activities.

We picked the Villa located at Layan Beach because we wanted somewhere nearer to the airport to save time travelling to and fro, and didn't need to be near the beach because we'll have our own pool. Lol. I'll say we made a good choice! I really quite like the place.

 photo P1380897.jpg
Walking to our Villa.
Head out, and it's the residential area. Lol.

 photo P1380939.jpg
The front door!
We picked their Oriental Style Villa X.

 photo P1380922.jpg
What you'll see when looking at the front door from the inside.
Less the 美女(belle), of course.

There's also a garage to the right side.

 photo P1380912.jpg
More views of our Villa (This is actually a 3-bedroom villa, but they locked the standalone room located outside.)
 photo P1380913.jpg

The insides of our villa:

 photo P1380909.jpg
Kitchen and dining.

 photo P1380911.jpg
Living room

 photo P1380898.jpg
Master bedroom where we all squeezed in at night!
We brought in the mattress from the other room to snuggle together. hehe.

 photo P1380899.jpg
We were all in awe and excitement for the first.... 10 minutes? All before we started looking for Wi-Fi. LOL.
Couldn't stop being excited when the Villa staff was showing us around at first. Lol. Then again, I think it was mostly me being noisy. xD

 photo P1380906.jpg

 photo P1380907.jpg

Told you I couldn't decide which was the nicest and have uploaded most~ Plenty of repetitive shots. :P

 photo P1380905.jpg
What's the best thing to do in a hot hot weather? Soak your feet into the cold cold water!

 photo CIMG9685.jpg

 photo CIMG9686.jpg

 photo P1380914.jpg  photo P1380915.jpg
I know I was in a sweater...... Badly dressed for the weather, but I was prepared for the plane ride!

 photo P1380916.jpg
Hehehehe. She sells seashells on the seashore!

 photo P1380923.jpg
Pooling money money money~

Also the time we made the decisions for our vacation: BBQ Dinner that night, grocery shop later in the day, night marketing the next night, no other activities and make full use of the Villa. :)

 photo P1380924.jpg

 photo P1380925.jpg

 photo P1380926.jpg

 photo P1380927.jpg
Um.. What's with Weishan's hand there?! LOL.

 photo P1380929.jpg

 photo P1380931.jpg

 photo P1380934.jpg

 photo P1380935.jpg

And yes, we took a bit of time to selfie selfie selfie until we're satisfied before getting down to business! That's our last shot before we headed out.

Our villa is not very well located, in terms of being near the beach and any shopping area, but we're somewhat near a supermarket. So, we took a free ride down to that place. Wanted to purchase some food for our BBQ dinner later that night, but we tried to look for food first. Walked out for a good 20 minutes but there was nothing in that area... Mostly residential. Whuuuuut.. :/ So, we heade back and settled for McDonalds before grocery shopping. It would have been so awesome if we were staying a little longer and could buy more food to stock up the kitchen. Lol.

There was nothing in the area, so we came back to rest and prepare for our Villa life. Lol.

 photo P1380941.jpg
Took out our floats for the pool!
Rented ours from BeachyFloat X. Affordable floats.

 photo P1380944.jpg
Our frial Weishan pumping our watermelon with very enthusiastic Karena giving her support.

 photo P1380946.jpg
Finally done after what seem like... forever. :P

 photo P1380947.jpg

 photo P1380948.jpg
"Lets throw it in from there. Better camera angle for pictures!"

 photo P1380950.jpg
Threw the float with all the might and....................

 photo P1380951.jpg
...the watermelon flipped!! LOL. /fail

 photo P1380952.jpg
What is this! Where is our watermelon, girls??? Lol.
The weather was very very hot. The float will be in such high temperature after being in the sun for a while that it'll hurt you when you touch it.

 photo CIMG9706.jpg
Team strong up next for the pizza!

 photo P1380953.jpg
There are two parts la, walao! The crust and the pizza itself.
But we didn't take long after learning the trick to do it.

 photo P1380959.jpg
Shifting to the same area for better photo taking. Lol.

 photo P1380962.jpg
And then gently placing it into the pool.

 photo P1380969.jpg
Us chilling to cool off from the heat and wait for our BBQ equipments to arrive.

 photo P1380970.jpg

 photo P1380973.jpg
This is life too.

 photo CIMG9714.jpg
Our floats living the life. Lol.
There were so many designs of floats to choose from! Took a while to decide on 2. Beachyfloat X has so many nice ones!

I wonder if we'll have more fun with their log floats. They look fun... Like... people can play games while on it. I thought the pretzel was damn cute too! But we picked 2 that was more group friendly for chilling. :D

 photo CIMG9725.jpg
Life in the sun, in the beach, in your private pool!

 photo CIMG9729.jpg
I think here's us drifting apart and away or something. hahahaha

 photo CIMG9759.jpg
I like that the pool didn't have too much chlorine! Didn't smell that bad.

 photo P1380992.jpg

 photo P1380996.jpg
How to get a good shot on the float without floating around? DO IT ON THE GROUND! ;)
And here you can see our lifeguard on duty floating on a pizza. Lol.

 photo P1380980.jpg
It was so chill that someone actually fell asleep!

 photo P1380985.jpg
Amidst the chaos we were all making, Chiulee was still very sound asleep back there. hahahaha.

 photo CIMG9866.jpg
Karena look like she was really going to chow down the pizza. Lol.

After an afternoon in the sun, it was time for some dinner!

 photo CIMG9929.jpg
Kind of a bad decision. We managed to build up the fire, but it was so freaking weak?! End up cooking all our food in the kitchen instead. WHAT A WASTE!

 photo P1390004.jpg
And dinner was served after a few hours. Lol.
We washed up after dinner and carried over the 2 mattresses to sleep together in the master bedroom. There weren't much HTHT because we slept. hurrr.

 photo P1390024.jpg
ϟϟ DAY 2 : CHILLAX ϟϟ

 photo P1390006.jpg

Day 2 was a good weathered day too! And the first thing we did in the morning?
Dip in the pool!

Guess who was the last to wake up? Lol.

 photo P1390009.jpg

 photo P1390010.jpg

Karena joined us not long later and after an hour or two, we got hungry...

 photo CIMG0150.jpg
Hot chef at your service! Cooked pancakes! YUMS!

 photo P1390027.jpg
Breakfast is ready!
I was super proud of my eggs, cooked just right. Hahahaha.
Spot that weird looking handkerchief! Weishan claims it's a swan. Lol. Looks more like a cobra.

 photo P1390028.jpg
And she insisted to include it in our breakfast shot. Tsssk...
Okay la, quite cute. Something to remember. lol

 photo CIMG9974.jpg
Karena brought these super cute gummy candies! MINIONS!!!
The weather was so hot that some of the almost melted!

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0018.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0017.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0016.jpg
Each taking turns to take pictures with Karena's gopro.

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0014.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0009.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0022.jpg

No shots by Weishan because she has shaky hands, and she needs to eat bananas!

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0006.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0004.jpg

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0021.jpg

Here's the best trick to float around without getting tanned...........:

 photo P1390028i.jpg
Hide between 2 floats!!!
This girl cute or what! Hahahahah.

 photo P1390030.jpg
You can even wear the pizza float as your hat oh! hahahahha.

 photo P1390045.jpg
And now, here's some shots of us floating around in the pool.
Effort okay! To spin around and to take pictures.

 photo P1390046.jpg

 photo P1390047.jpg
Have to manually spin us around to make sure every one has a shot in front. Lol.

 photo P1390049.jpg

 photo P1390050.jpg

 photo P1390051.jpg

 photo P1390053.jpg
Robot Karena, for you?

 photo P1390054.jpg

 photo P1390056.jpg

 photo P1390057.jpg

 photo P1390058.jpg

 photo P1390059.jpg
We later took a video of us jumping down. HILARIOUS!!
Lazy to upload, so you can go ahead and imagine us 5 jumping down from the float at the same time. Lol.

 photo P1390062.jpg

 photo P1390071.jpg

 photo P1390077.jpg
After an afternoon in the sun, SEE MY BACK!

It looks so ugly! And it's hurting so bad now. :(((

 photo P1390079.jpg

 photo P1390085.jpg

 photo P1390086.jpg

 photo P1390089.jpg

 photo P1390092.jpg

 photo P1390094.jpg

Thereafter, we tidied up and prepared for an evening out in their night market.

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0047.jpg
Donuts from Mister Donuts!
My favourite ones are their originals! :D Why don't we have them? I love these flower donuts.

 photo IMG-20150727-WA0045.jpg
Not forgetting my pretty girlfriend, Weishan here. Donuts prettier. :O :X :P

 photo P1390105.jpg
Out to Phuket Walking Street on Talang Road (Lard Yai) X

 photo P1390104.jpg  photo P1390103.jpg

 photo P1390110.jpg

 photo P1390112.jpg
At the start of the night market.

I really really like this place! It's not a very long night market, but there were so many things to see, buy and eat!!! The items are sold at such a steal too! And there are plenty of food! It got quite crowded with locals later in the evening, but it wasn't rowdy. There were performances at some junction. We didn't stop to watch, but it was such a great experience!

 photo P1390115.jpg
It was still early, but many stalls were slowly being set up already!

 photo P1390118.jpg
Random colorful window.

 photo P1390119.jpg

 photo P1390120.jpg
First stop, coconut Ice Cream!

 photo P1390123.jpg

 photo P1390124.jpg
More Attap Seeds please!!!

Are you hungry? MORE FOOD PICTURES!!!

 photo P1390125.jpg

 photo P1390126.jpg
This is like our Ondeh-Ondeh X, but prettier because they come in more colors!

 photo P1390127.jpg

 photo P1390128.jpg

 photo P1390129.jpg

 photo P1390134.jpg
A vintage house out of no where. lol.

 photo P1390136.jpg
Sun slowly setting. Crowd slowly creeping in. There weren't many tourists, and I like that...

 photo P1390137.jpg
This picture got feel not????? Lol.
Random shot.

 photo P1390138.jpg
Matcha with Grass Jelly!

 photo P1390139.jpg
Mochi ice cream!

 photo P1390141.jpg

 photo P1390144.jpg
Had it when I was in Bangkok the last time, and I still like it!
Probably nothing fantastic, but it's different for me. Lol.

 photo P1390146.jpg

 photo CIMG0235.jpg

 photo P1390148.jpg

 photo P1390149.jpg
I don't know what are these, but they look pretty so I got a cup to try.. Lol.

 photo P1390150.jpg
I still don't know what it is after trying hahahaha.

 photo P1390151.jpg

 photo P1390152.jpg

 photo P1390155.jpg

 photo P1390157.jpg

 photo P1390158.jpg

 photo P1390163.jpg
And with Weishan, we ended our adventure at their night market.

Rode back to our hotel in search for Banana Pancake, but we couldn't find any. Even our driver didn't know what it is. :( When we lost all hopes to eating Banana Pancake (Jolene kept repeating that she wants it since day 1)........................

 photo P1390167.jpg

Quickly told our driver to stop so we could buy some, and we got 2! :)

 photo P1390169.jpg
All the food brings us girls to the yard, and we're like "It's better than yours~"

Ended the night with good food in our tummies, and a good laugh from inflating the floats. SO MUCH WORK to have a great time. But all is worth it, because we really had a good time together. ^^

Next day, we woke up washed up cleaned up and headed down to the airport for our flight back. It was such a nice getaway that I was so reluctant to leave... :((( Arrived back in Singapore and had a good lunch together before we separate for home.

 photo P1390147.jpg

 photo P1390008.jpg

 photo P1390135.jpg

 photo P1390060.jpg

 photo P1380930.jpg
A weekend of Villa life, annnnnnnnd we're back to reality.

 photo P1390087.jpg
To more trips in future!

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