Thursday, July 16, 2015

Chiulee's Birthday

So many birthday celebrations in 6 days! This is the third one now....
But a repeat! It's for................................................ Chiulee again. Lol.

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Yesterday was Chiulee's birthday 🎂, but this girl... Tsktsk. She had no plans other than to work her day away. Where to find such committed youths these days? Working hard even on her birthday! Thought birthdays aren't that big a deal anymore, I would still wanna take that day off, or at least leave work on time? Lol.

We failed to persuade her to end work on time for a good celebration, but we didn't stop just there.. Jolene and I later decided to go straight down to her office and at least have a good birthday dinner with her.. No matter how busy one is, they still have to eat right?

So that's what we did.

Spent a good evening with Chiulee and fueled her with good food for....... more work! Yes, she went back to work after dinner. -.- Tsktsktsk. This girl is unstoppable!! Nevertheless, I was glad that she had sometime out of her work on her birthday. (:

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The cafe we went was a really nice place that sells a variety of Thai-Western fusion food. EatPlayLove Cafe X. Because we couldn't go too far from her workplace, Chiulee was the one who brought us there. A place she has been wanting to try. It's near her workplace, but she hasn't got the time to drop by.. See, this busygirl91!

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I really like how the whole cafe was decorated; Plenty of Art n Craft stuffs, but doesn't come off too messy or crowded.

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The Big-Ass Book of Crafts

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They also sold simple items where you can decorate on them and make it your own!
Like... plain dolls and small tote bags that are blank.

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There were so much to see!
Looked around for quite a while after ordering. Good way to past time with our hungry tummies.

 photo P1380826.jpg  photo P1380827.jpg
噢!美女走街哦 →→→ "Eh, I cannot la"

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Snacks that are no longer as conveninently available in our mama shops anymore!

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I've always loved smoking on my Bob Dog cola candy! But I've never liked that chocolate... Cheap and disgusting taste. :X

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So nostalgic!

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And me in my new favourite skirt that I can't wear often because I don't have enough black tops to match it with. hurrrr.

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Cannot remember what exactly have we ordered, but I know Chiulee and Jolene ordered very similar dishes that are just topped with different dressing. I had their BBQ pulled burger, and it was delicious! Very generous with their portion. The mangos on Chiulee's fish were all sweet too! I just didn't like that it was warm. hurrr.

We also had their Iced Lychee Tea and Ice Blended Thai Milk Tea.
I didn't like my Lychee Tea because it was mostly syrup and too sweet for me. :(

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 photo P1380865.jpg  photo P1380866.jpg  photo P1380867.jpg
Their Coconut Ice Cream with Nata De Coco and Grass Jelly as her birthday cake!
So so so generous with their Nata De Coco and Grass Jelly, I likeeeeeee! ^^

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Happy Birthday, closetfriend秋

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Ended the night with a slow walk back to Chiulee's office before Jolene and I head back home ourselves. (:

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