Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Celebrating Zylia's Birthday

Feeling bored at work right now.............. :X Can't wait for lunch because I'm getting all restless. meh

So...... Quick random update about yesterday! :D

Met up with Zylia after work to celebrate her birthday, a day late. I started early to find somewhere nice, new for us both, within my budget and of a cuisine she wants..... Had a mini headache trying to research on a place for her birthday.. We do this for each other, no gifts; Buy dinner and plan the night for the birthday person. And by 'plan the night' I mean deciding on the dinner place. haha.

Thanks to Chiulee, I managed to get a good Italian Restaurant deal from Groupon! And so, we had a satisfying dinner at ION's Alfresco Gusto X. Unfortunately, we didn't take any pictures last night! Didn't look nice enough in our selfies and I didn't bother to take pictures of our food because we were famished. :(

The Groupon was such a great deal ($40 for $80 value) that we ordered quite a bit... Shared a pizza, a pasta and two starters. Obviously too much for us, but they were worth the calories! Lol. Go on and imagine our food~ Too lazy to go into details now. :X

Also spoke about her birthdays during dinner.. Many things in life are more than meets the eye. Of course, I'm only listening to one side of the story.. BUT! When I got home last night, my mother shared somethings about the same episode. This time, I'm going to side with my friend. I got the full picture and realize how fortunate I am. It's interesting to know more things about people and how people perceive things oh-so-differently.

And with that, I'm going to end this supposedly quick update. HEH.

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