Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June's Snapshots!

 photo 20150611_104313.jpg
Panoramic view we get at Tower. Lucky day to have plenty of fluffy clouds visble too!

 photo 20150611_104218.jpg
Got this sudden appreciate for our landscape. 新加坡也很美嘛! Less the constructions still going on though.

 photo 20150630_122755.jpg
Lunch one day and I gotz cute pasta!! ^^
Got these from my Japan trip while cruising in April! (Readz)

 photo P1380716.jpg
Colleague looking so cute = post! xD

 photo P1380717.jpg
Lychee Martini again?
Pulled off a bloody last minute birthday celebration for June babies because boss got us cake!

 photo 20150605_215719.jpg  photo 20150605_215726.jpg
HaniJas looking fresh after finishing our Kick Boxing and Zumba class and showering..... for a movie!!! :D
Caught "Spy" X and we were very entertained! Laughed so much that we forgot we were tired. haha.

Fridays should be like this! Ever since I started going for Friday classes (I LOVE THE CLASSES), I stop having TGIF activities because most people don't wanna meet me after 10pm. :( Also because of my damn 2359hrs curfew laaaaa.... So, going for class has been my only Friday activity. Hurrrr.. /littlepathetic But it's okay... Going out less means I'll save more money and calories. LOL.

Besides, Friday classes are a lot a lot of fun! Kick Boxing and Zumba.... Less slow and boring like Yoga :X, and less strenuous than our weights class... I still go for both Weights and Yoga classes la, just saying I'm liking my Friday classes a lot more. I also really like our Friday instructor! She's sometimes so in her own world, and her Zumba classes are like normal dance classes! HEH.

 photo IMG-20150619-WA0005.jpg
Baby Sugar

 photo 20150614_160636.jpg
Like Father Like Daughter. xD

 photo 20150601_192144.jpg
One fine evening where the sky was looking so pretty! Pink!

 photo 20150628_133111.jpg
Selfie with ma new hair color y0z! :D

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