Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dinner With CreStar!

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After so long, the three of us have finally met up for dinner yesterday!! Cressa, Hanistar... Crestar!! xD I'll meet up with Cressa for dinner every once in a while, and Haniza would always say we bojio. Lol. So this time, we jio-ed!

This is actually a very rare combination... Us 3. We'd probably never imagined us having dinner together back in Primary School. Lol. But that's the thing time and change does, right?

I'm bored, so I'm going to just rant spam type. Our history~ xD

Haniza and I were in the same group of girlfriends and Cressa hung out with another group of guys and girls. We were never close in Primary School... We were purely just classmates..... Then we graduated and went our separate ways. Haniza and Cressa end up being in the same Secondary School (not sure if they were in the same class), and eventually hung out together in the same clique. Haniza and I were in the same clique, but we were fighting a lot... Lol. I'm so glad we've grown out of all that and became who we are now. :D

And as for Cressa and I..... it was all so random. After graduating and going our separate ways in Secondary School, I've never seen her until I started my diploma study in Nanyang Polytechnic. Cressa and PooKwee so happen to have boarded the same bus and we chatted a little. That's all. Lol. In fact, I don't even remember how we started chatting and meeting up these recent years. xD

-Went off to search what happened-

So.... I found the entry of our first meet up. Hahahaha. Blogging helps so much with remembering things!!!! Read here! Now, I remember. Hahaha. And I'm done. BYE!!

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Oh oh! We had dinner at Plaza Singapura's Itacho and continued our chattering at Starbucks before going home together. It's so so so nice to hang out with people who lives near you. Makes going home late less dreadful and lonely. We took the cab home together because it's such a long day after work. But, we didn't feel the pinch from splurging on taxi because it was split to 3! xD

ps: Pictures were taken in Starbucks.


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