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Mantouz Birthday Cake For Kesslyn

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Celebrated Kesslyn's Birthday again yesterday, 9 days belated. xD
Here's her and her unconventional birthday cake we've prepared!
It's something different made out of something she absolutely love. Smartypants we are. YAY!!

Yesterday is such a birthday-filled Friday; Afternoon with my project team X and then for our dear Kesslyn in the evening.

It's been such a long long long time since the clique gathered together to celebrate her birthday..... The clique has gotten so lazy that we leave it to the birthday baby to plan their own birthdays. /fail And Kesslyn hardly plans anything because she has so many people asking her out for her birthday the entire month. Lol. When I was looking through our photos, the last time the clique has gathered for her birthday was 3 years ago! For her 21st birthday, which wasn't even a proper celebration as a clique...

So, the actual last birthday celebration for her was in 2011, and that's 4 years ago! :O

We were a lot less lazy (&busy) back then, and had arranged for a surprise together with most of her Secondary School friends and some other clique. :') READ HERE Oh, how I miss those days where we actually put in effort for someone. Lol.

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Random interruption.
Jolene and I coincidentally bumped into each other in the bus. What are the odds! Hahah.

This year, we settled for something simple yet different. Went for Chinese style buffet (because honestly, I have been craving for their food) for the first time. I'd suggested TungLok Seafood Buffet X because I was craving for their fresh sashimi (freeeee flow!!) and desserts. Of course, the clique didn't know of my scheme. Hahahaha. It was passed off as one of the many suggestions I gave, just highly recommended. xD

The clique went crazy though..............

 photo P1380551_zpspzdhabxx.jpg
Please note, this is not all.

Oh. The crab! Only one serving for each table. Such an unfair arrangement. There were 8 of us there la!

It was a refreshing dinner... Chinese food together.. The clique has... never sat down for a Chinese meal before (not even tzechar if my memory don't fail me), so it was something a little awkward. We've always settled for Western, Thai, Japanese or Korean cuisines when we meet out. Maybe because Chinese restaurants are relatively more expensive and... poses a greater challenge to actually order? Lol. Two thumbs up for something different this time. We were joking how the next time we'll sit down like that would be for someone's wedding already.. Oh, how time flies. I sure hope this opens up to more chances of dining in a Chinese restaurant together. Or maybe we should start off with tzechar. Lol.

 photo P1380556_zpsfegoagev.jpg
So much food that we didn't even have space to put all the places. I had to hold the plates for a bit at some point..

 photo P1380528_zps0kppiaw6.jpg
MA LOVEEEE!!! So fresh coming from a Seafood restaurant.

Dinner was our usual; Eat, eat, chit chat, catch up, eat, eat.

And then, we prepared the mighty cake for Kesslyn. Hahahaha. Bunz cake, I shall call it.

 photo P1380566_zpsjvipg5ui.jpg
She was laughing so hard because the cake's really oily and madeshift. Hahahaha.

 photo P1380571_zps2zgbyesx.jpg
Why so happy, Jo?

 photo P1380570_zpspmbn3fvv.jpg
Make a wish.

 photo P1380572_zpszulcls0f.jpg  photo P1380573_zpsawwfnrbj.jpg
Blow the flame off the candle, and may your many wishes come true! :)

 photo P1380576_zpsbrdxs3dv.jpg
&This was how we settled the cake. Eating them buns like they were marshmallows!
The crab was a little disappointing this time. :/

Oh! See Weishan in that shot.. Looking all full and unable to continue. Lol. Mini pout. So cute.

 photo P1380577_zpsn9b8ygif.jpg
&Karena bit a heart shape out of the bunz. hahaha.

Of course, the best way to digest all the food is to camwhore like there's no tomorrow................

 photo CIMG9313_zpsquogk27d.jpg

 photo P1380581_zpshnlzleq7.jpg
People behind needed to bother the waiteresses to take a shot, us?

Never trust a third party for plentiful of prettiful shots. Lol.

 photo P1380582_zpsaf8wwget.jpg
These were probably taken by Gary though. Lol.
Our most trustworthy photographer in the clique (other than me. :P)

 photo CIMG9315_zpsgvay4elm.jpg

 photo CIMG9316_zpshcrijfoc.jpg

 photo CIMG9317_zps6kisu3pz.jpg

 photo CIMG9319_zpsysiveloc.jpg
Yes, we did all these camwhoring in a packed restaurant. Lol.
And we're still at it when the table behind us were already long done with their shots.

 photo CIMG9321_zpsaxjtxtod.jpg

 photo CIMG9323_zpszshig3ms.jpg

And then... there were more camwhoring!

 photo CIMG9324_zps4cvd3ofo.jpg

 photo CIMG9325_zpssoguynt6.jpg
This shot so cute hor? Instagrammed it and Karena commented "My hair definitely smells good hor😂😂"

 photo CIMG9326_zpsgwrzphf2.jpg

 photo P1380587_zpskwpoqfoj.jpg

 photo P1380588_zps1feblo8p.jpg

After being satisfied with all the camwhoring in the restaurant, we..................... continued outside. HAHAHA.

 photo CIMG9331_zpsmq3hnhwk.jpg

 photo CIMG9332_zpsyintzyjw.jpg

 photo CIMG9333_zpsz7lgyqgn.jpg
Kesslyn and her weird hand... Lol. Like... *Tadaaaaah* US!
Miss Lance though. :/

 photo CIMG9334_zpsdj0b7cpb.jpg
Last shot with the guys before we girls continued the night.

Work has made us less of a nightowl. Go home so early! BOO. It was a Friday, but Gary had work today... Life of a car salesman.

 photo CIMG9337_zps3by3q3kq.jpg

 photo CIMG9338_zpsgbosprfy.jpg

The 6 of us (girls) later wandered around Orchard Central and eventually decide to check out Jolene's new flat. Yes, bored we were very. Why don't we have things to do now? There's nothing much we want to do here............... :/

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I look so happy here. :') Here's us on our way to pick up Jolene's car.
We were fooling around because the 2 girls were taking pictures on their own! Lol.

 photo 20150516_002819_zpsxjktqua5.jpg
In her parents' room. Check out the sexy model Karena. Hahahaha.
At one point, we were acting all propety-agent-and-client. Since Chiulee was holding to such a big file, she was the perfect person for the agent, and then she have us all as her crazy clients. Hahaha.

&That was how we ended the night..

Can't wait to book our flights to Phuket and travel with these girls. HEHEHHE.

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