Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cosy Movie Night!

A random night with Jolene and Gary yesterday.
Lazing in my room to catch "Fault in our Stars".

It was nice. I like simple hangouts like these.
The movie, however, was boring at some point. I did tear a little, but there were more moments where I was just bored. :X

Jolene said "If I Stay" is a lot better, and that she really cried watching that. Shall catch it when I feel like crying. xD

The night was simple, but I had a surprise up my sleeve. HEHE.

After the movie, I quickly headed into my kitchen and got the cake ready. (Y)!

 photo IMG-20140911-WA0000_zps2ccf9b30.jpg

 photo IMG-20140911-WA0001_zps840e22e0.jpg

 photo IMG-20140911-WA0002_zps5adc4696.jpg

Because everyone's busy, we didn't celebrate their (Weishan & Jolene) birthdays any where near their actual dates this year. So, I thought it'll be nice to do just something simple when I meet them. Weishan with my Uni friends last week, and Jolene with Gary this week. HEHE.
I can't wait to celebrate their birthdays next week though. Doing something new together, and the entire clique would be there!!!! :D

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