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Celebrating Chiulee's 23rd!

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It's Chiulee's 23rd Birthday tomorrow, and here's our celebration on Saturday! :D

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Dinner was at Changi City Point's Table Manners with these wonderful people (&Kesslyn!)

Karena and Samuel were busy over the weekends while Jolene's enjoying her advanced graduation trip at Bangkok! Too bad for them, we had a really good time together, as usual. ^^

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Kesslyn and I enjoyed our baked Salmon while the rest thought the food was mediocre. I have to admit that their plating is not at all appetizing though! Our salmon was placed on top a pool of mashed potato, it got messy while trying to slice a piece. But, I really enjoyed my baked salmon. LOL. It was a really big portion too~ Almost couldn't finish.

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Star of the night!

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Having gone through my pictures, I realize Gary can be spotted holding his phone very often!
He was on it during the train ride together too!
We must be very boring for him these days uh. >:( TSK!

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Some group shots while waiting for our fooooood!
No pictures with Kesslyn yet because she was still on her way down from work.

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Lance showing off his hair or spectacles??
He also took a few selfies that were either extremely underexposed or unfocused. Lol.

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Soohou look very 阳光 here!

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The food arrived!
Check out Soohou's 'Maggie Noodles', Weishan & Gary's 'Ikea Chicken' and Chiulee's 'Mixed Vegetable Rice'. LOL!

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A kind soul volunteered to take a picture for us.

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&Kesslyn arrived after we were all done with dinner. Haha.

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After dinner, we were deciding where to go and what to do... And then, someone suggested to play UNO again~ What a great timing, because none of us have UNO Cards, Weishan went ahead to buy them and Chiulee tagged along. Gave us the chance to surprise Chiulee with some cakes! :D

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I have no idea why Lance suddenly went all Kungfu-ish~ lol

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We were seated right under a huge fan~ Explains the 'holding fire' action ah.

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Happy, Birthday Girl, Chiulee! :D

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SEE SEE SEE!! This is the third shot in the entry, right? >:(

 photo P1050109_zpsc6f30772.jpg  photo P1050110_zps64e4cbc7.jpg

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 photo P1050114_zps133480d6.jpg  photo P1050115_zpsc1394ab5.jpg

 photo P1050116_zps944f5cdb.jpg  photo P1050117_zps0ad2136a.jpg

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Here, you see how the height of a person can make a difference.
In the first shot, Chiulee looks very kiddy. Like Weishan's a bigger sister or something. And in the next shot, she looks normal~ LOL.
What am I typing. I must be sleepy.

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Shorties in the group take a picture!!!!

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Happy faces because Weishan glared at us and asked what about her.
Too bad ah~ Jolene and Karena were absent. :P

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&Then, Chiulee with the guys!
Weishan glared at me again and went "So now what? Am I transsexual?!" hahahahhaha.

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So okay la okay la, Weishan joins us! :D

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Ah... These shots are taken at Starbucks. We initially wanted to hangout in Starbucks with a cup of drink and a few crazy rounds of UNO. But because the tables were too small and there wasn't enough chairs, we left Changi City Point with another plan in mind. It was funny though. When we left, a few seats and chairs were available. -,- Lol.

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Our tallest and shortest. :X

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A few group shots outside Changi City Point before our next destination!

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After camwhoring, we headed down to Lance's place via train. During the train ride, I told the rest how rare it is that we are all going somewhere by public transport. It has been a really long time since we last rode the public transport together. And I think, I'm a little weird. With other friends, I'd always wished someone would drive so it would be more convenient to go about... But with this group of friends, these train rides feel more.... special? and precious. Lol. I really cannot remember a time where we would all go somewhere by train...Especially since someone in the clique has gotten a license.Which was when we were 19? :O Four years ago!!!

Anywayz~ So we arrived at Lance place a little after 11pm. It was late. But it didn't stop us from playing UNO. Lol. We played for two hours and had upgraded the game to include losers becoming pigs. Hahahha! It created a lot more fun and laughter on top of the game. It's like our early days all over again! :')

And so.... here's what became of us after the two hours of UNO.

 photo P1050141_zpsd6a84547.jpg
Lance, the last man standing.  
Got to this position by abandoning Weishan and leaving her to die by herself after getting her to save his ass. LMAO. He was also very annoying! He didn't wanna answer my question when I was still on par with him! Kept ignoring me. :(

 photo P1050142_zpsdc07cfa8.jpg
First level pigs. Weishan and Gary.
Gary was the first to become a pig and he made me respond to him. T^T

It was hilarious when Kesslyn and Soohou join us. We would openly cheat and ask if anyone would object to our action. But, obviously no one would respond to us because they are not pigs. LOL. It was super funny especially with Soohou, because he became extremely aggressive with his attacks. Hahahhaaha.

 photo P1050144_zpsd27d9cf7.jpg
&Then there's us. The level two pigs.
I cannot really remember how we became level two. But I remember making Chiulee advance really fast when she supposedly won the round of UNO. Hahahaha.

Coincidentally, the four of us are the shortest in the clique (girls & guys respectively), as mentioned by Soohou! I hope he didn't hear me add-on "Oh ya hor, really leh, Soohou's the shortest among the guys" when he brought that up. :X LOL!

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A special shot for our birthday girl as she was also acknowledged for her quick advancement. HAHAHA.

ps: In case you're all confused about what I'm talking about.......
Every time one loses a round of UNO (last to game or the one with most cards after three people games), they upgrade their pig level. Once a pig upgrades a level, only pigs of the same level can communicate with them. So, pigs and pigs of a higher level would attack the others to make them join their circle. Obviously, every one would are not on par would avoid responding or reacting to anything the pigs say or do.

Thinking about it now makes me smile. :')
Can't wait to play again with them. LOL.

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Few favourite shots to end this entry!!!

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