Saturday, July 12, 2014

Zylia's 23rd Birthday!

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Another birthday post today. So many birthdays these months. xD
Pardon the crude entry last night. I was too pissed off and had to vent my anger somewhere. ><

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My childhood friend, Zylia TXX, turns 23 today!!!!!

Had a nice simple celebration with her yesterday! I think it's our first time celebrating a birthday just a day before the actual date. It was more meaningful for me because, I got to be the last and first person she spend time with when she age that one year. LOL! Cannot believe we've been friends for 23 years now..... :O Anyway, I'm glad she enjoyed dinner and the movie I'd suggested. HEHE. It is always difficult to satisfy her taste because I'm too easily impressed. Hahaha. She laughed a lot more during the movie than I did too. Loved "22 Jumpstreet"! Channing Tatum's body look weird in the movie though. :/ Not as hot and handsome as I remember. Lol.

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Gave her a mini surprise outside her office, before heading down to Esplanade together.

I'm so glad she was surprised?! I was having a headache trying to come up with something...
She managed to surprise me twice already~ I had to do something, right? Kekeke.
All the embarrassment with the balloon was worth it! I super love this balloon too! So unique, a cube!

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This is now my second favourite place!!
First being "Au Chocolat".
Was here on my birthday this year too! HEHE.

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Ordered Carbonara again. :X
I'm just so boring and predictable!
It was delicious and I don't care!! :p

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Zylia's Lamb Rack.
It's like.... beef, but more tender and.... a lot nicer!

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Here's a re-used picture.
We ordered Truffle fries too!
I still prefer Au Chocolats'~~~ (We both prefer Au Chocolats'!)

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After dinner~~~
Going to town for our movie after killing some time roaming around~

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In the toilet and her balloon was taking up a lot of air space! Lol.

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Camwhore a bit because there was still a lot of time left before our movie. ^^

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Honestly... I bought the balloon because I've started to like balloons too!

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One more selfie with the balloon~
I tied it on Sugar the night before too! Pictures up when it's the end of the month. HEHE.
After the movie, we went down to Rendezvous Hotel to find her friends. Had a cup of drink and had to leave the group as they continue the night with some clubbing at Butter Factory. Hai... I was so so so close to going to a club! Zylia wanted to bring me there but danggggg. Zzz Shall not rant here for it's a happy entry.

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Favourite picture of the night because I look so happy showing off my entire gum. Hahahaha!

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