Tuesday, July 15, 2014

梅花‘s 21st Birthday!

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The big TWO.ONE
Last celebrated this big age two years ago.......

Until.... Sunday.

It's been two years.... Woah. Time flies.

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&Today, a good friend of mine turns 21... 梅花!!!
We've only known each other for over a year, and even though she's two years younger than me, I'm happy to have this flower in my life. It's quite amazing how this friendship just happened. Everything started at MCBI, from a normal colleague at work to a good friend in my life. I can still remember how much I didn't like her at first because she was so so so negative; her work mentality was worrisome too. This, of course, she doesn't know. Yet. :X LOL!

Anyway, she celebrated her coming of age on Sunday at Raffles' City Buffet Town. Invited only her family and a few close friends, I was honoured to have been invited. ^^ Didn't know what to get her, so I volunteered to help take pictures during her party and gave her a small token. :3

It was extremely tiring that day. Reached earliest among her guests and left the latest among her guests. LOL. Since it's been two years since I'd help take party pictures, I totally forgot how tiring it could be. Went home all dogged, but I had fun and am glad the pictures turn of pretty nice. :D

Okay.. Pictures! ^^

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With our managers at work!
It was nice seeing them again. Can't wait to meet them again for lunch after I get a job. xD

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Red Velvet cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes for all her guests!

Throwing you all the pictures without caption now on because... I'm lazy!

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Oh ya. The food wasn't good. At all. To me.

I remember not eating much because the food weren't nice. :X After eating a few items, I kept yearning for a drink. And it's not the kind of thirsty that I enjoy having... It's like... the food has been bathed in MSG. Lots of MSG. The only food I manage to enjoy was their sashimi and oysters.

I was amazed by the crowd though. Even before the buffet officially starts, there was a really long line outside the restaurant already. :O Initially thought the food was so good that many couldn't wait to start their meal. But nope! Possibly because it's a cheap buffet. But even for the price, I don't think I'll ever go back for it.

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 photo 20140713150312_zpsc52d4cde.jpg  photo 20140713150322_zpsea623d63.jpg

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These two photobombers!

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Our helper manager getting down to adjust the very naughty balloons!
It kept turning around!

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Her makeshift birthday cake!

It was a great idea. Saved the trouble on slicing and distributing the cake that most people might not eat in the end. One cup per person to bring home is so convenient and easy!

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The Marketing department. :)

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Everyone invited from MCBI. ♥

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They kissed her. We then proceed to get her boyfriend to do the same. xD
Embarrassing for them max.

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It was fun catching up with each other. ^^

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Happy Birthday!!!

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