Wednesday, February 05, 2014

First Visiting (Friends Version)!! :D

 photo P1000312_zps63c193bb.jpg
In Kesslyn's bedroom! :D
Yesterday's been a craaaaaazy day!! The initial main highlight was to visit Kesslyn's mother for the Lunar New Year. But later in the day, Jolene suddenly suggested to hang out and to find Chiulee in NTU. WE DID!! :O Damn random. But.... more on that later UPDATED: 24 Hours Without Sleeping!!!!

AH! Before I go on, today's a really weird and funny day. Almost wore an old clothing to work until my mother reminded me about this blue dress that I got for CNY. Both of us had thoughts about Mei Hua wearing the same dress but brushed it off. What are the odds right?

BUT TRUE ENOUGH, I saw this girl wearing the exact same dress walking in the office and couldn't help but laughed out loud!

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During lunch.
It was quite embarrassing because our manager brought us out for CNY lunch. x,x

 photo P1000309_zpse1a755cc.jpg  photo P1000306_zps2f4b69c3.jpg
It's like we're in uniforms!

 photo P1000308_zps9b2ac312.jpg
With our manager. ^^

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&Back on my first visiting

The decision to visit Kesslyn's place was really sudden too; we only decided on it the day before. Because of our many group visiting this year, I thought it would be more sincere to drop by her place alone. Since, I personally know her mother and haven't met her for the longest time. And so, I went!

Left work early to go pray before accompanying my family for dinner and got a lift to Kesslyn's place. (Y)!

Had a really nice chat with her mother, catching up about everything and gossiping a little about Kesslyn. Hahaha. All while watching TV, snacking and waiting for Jiaxuan. She finally came after an hour and we quickly settled down for dinner. MY FIRST STEAMBOAT!!! :D

After dinner, we hung out in Kesslyn's room for a bit before I cabbed off to pick Karena and head down to Jolene's place.

CAMWHORE!!! :3 Except, most pictures have the both of them blurred out. :X

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 photo P1000313_zps78f6aa9d.jpg

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 photo P1000319_zps71046c64.jpg

ps: I really wanted to update about our night at NTU but I don't have the pictures yet and I need a nap right now. Splitting headache. x,x

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