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The Lunar Neigh Year! ✿

ps: I know, my title ^ is really lame. I don't know what got to me. Lol.

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Lets all have a prosperous and a healthy Horse year!! ^^

It's the third day to the year of Horse!! I've been nothing but busy doing very little stuffs at home with the family and relatives. :x Lol. Busiest day was 除夕 (New Years' Eve) where the entire day was spent on cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning!!!!!! I'm really glad that my mother hired two helpers to do most of the job though. :x But everyone did quite a fair bit still!

I've never ever felt so exhausted from spring cleaning before. But I guess it's because we cramped up every single chore to be done in that one day! We used to take two days to clean the house together. x,x

Lunar New Year this year feels more..................... mundane.

It's everything we've been doing all these years but going through it this year was.... meh. I wasn't as excited. Cannot figure if it's because of my age or if it's because I was too sad about our "reunion" dinner. Ah! I didn't really have many new clothes for the new year too. :S

Nevertheless, it was a really good time spent with the family. ^^ And I finally got to meet someone close; Someone I haven't seen in years! Also! I made an effort to take plenty of pictures! HEHEHE. Loving my new GF6.

 photo P1000241_zps7daf248d.jpg
One of my favourite shots with the family. ^^

 photo P1000201_zps85f86625.jpg

 photo P1000214_zps0005af22.jpg  photo P1000218_zpsd5d67b25.jpg

 photo P1000288_zps3585e101.jpg

 photo P1000251_zps4b8dbb46.jpg  photo P1000254_zpscb0cd537.jpg

&Here's 除夕(New Years' Eve)!

 photo P1000097_zps22a68469.jpg

 photo P1000098_zpseb429f91.jpg

 photo P1000106_zps9dedf5e2.jpg
After an entire day of cleaning. HEHE.
I only cleaned a little bit here and there, and shined our laughing Buddha. ^^
Parents did rest of the hardwork.

 photo P1000107_zps142b3310.jpg
Mama did a lot this year.
Including this flower arrangement!
Really really pretty in real life and it's the first ever arrangement that my father has ever approved!
He even praised my mother. Muahaha.

Steamboat dinner is never a tradition for my family. I can't even remember when's the last time I've had it for reunion dinner.... :/ But I'm aware it was in someone else's house. ANYWAYZ!

Mum whipped up a few dishes.

 photo P1000099_zps1ab9763b.jpg

 photo P1000100_zpse5b42d32.jpg
Abalone! Abalone! Abalone!

 photo P1000101_zps89cbbe1f.jpg

 photo P1000102_zps40ddd6f5.jpg

 photo P1000103_zpsfe04b5b0.jpg

 photo P1000105_zps49ce6930.jpg
And here you see the people who came for dinner.
Grandma, second uncle and his son. -,-
Everyone else were at work, stuck at home with two babies (too far to travel down) or couldn't come.

Fine, I shall not whine again.

 photo P1000109_zpsd8af6a8b.jpg
This is damn funny.
That sleepy face. Lol.
This was taken after I bathed her and in her new pajamas!

 photo P1000110_zpsa848c7f4.jpg
Doing what she do best. Laze.

New Year's Eve ended with the countdown show which I barely watch.
I even missed the countdown because I was............ :/ where was i?!
Didn't really sleep late this year too. LOL. Like.. we went to bed an hour after our parents slept.

Ah! I'm very happy to know that Goats will be having a good Horse year though. woohoo!!!

&Here's 初一(Day 1)!

 photo P1000111_zps97315f57.jpg

 photo P1000112_zpsaafddd0d.jpg
Doing our usual! :D

 photo P1000118_zpsb39eb87f.jpg
While mum was busy in the kitchen.
This is why all her food always taste so delicious; She cooks them with a happy heart. HEHE.

 photo P1000114_zps9ec7b5ed.jpg

 photo P1000115_zps95cee8f6.jpg

 photo P1000116_zps3615a062.jpg
Mother's beehoon this time was really really good!
Her food has never disappoint but it was extra delicious!

 photo P1000137_zpsf505a79e.jpg

 photo P1000122_zps8b785f7b.jpg
Sugar in her New Year outfit!
Super cute. HEHE.

 photo P1000128_zpsd1fea3ef.jpg

 photo P1000134_zpseaaad04c.jpg

 photo P1000144_zpsb3588a6b.jpg

 photo P1000142_zpsa1c8b4f4.jpg  photo P1000147_zps705f784f.jpg
Sugar the biased dog.
Looking genuinely happy with Jolene but just meh with me. TSK.

 photo P1000154_zpsc135f533.jpg
But she's so cute, I forgive her all the time. ♥

 photo P1000157_zps837dfd66.jpg  photo P1000162_zps560c6ad0.jpg
At least my cousins love me more. (Or so I assume)
Check out the sian face my cousin gave in the picture with my sis.

 photo P1000158_zps2e31607c.jpg
And here, she just look creepy. :x

 photo P1000164_zps30b6ceeb.jpg  photo P1000165_zps592c3851.jpg

Off to walk Sugar!

 photo P1000167_zps3f314e5d.jpg
Yes, that's her peeing like a male dog. -,-

 photo P1000168_zpscb345cd0.jpg
Sister busy with the two kids while I was just following behind taking pictures.
How responsible.

 photo P1000172_zps641944e2.jpg

 photo P1000174_zpsc3f6f447.jpg
She looks like a big redpacket!
Super wang wang!

 photo P1000173_zpsc0bf399b.jpg
Favourite picture of my cousin and Sugar!
Except, you can't see my cousin's face because I wasn't paying attention to him at all. :x

 photo P1000175_zps00d7b270.jpg

 photo P1000176_zps059a8898.jpg
Happy Sugar is happy. HEHE.

 photo P1000190_zps4908f8a1.jpg

 photo P1000181_zpsbb57fe69.jpg
Looks like a F&N Commercial. Lol.

 photo P1000182_zpsee78140c.jpg  photo P1000189_zps6b438c4c.jpg

After walking Sugar, we washed up and prepared to head out for our movie.
Watched "Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat Ah!"
The movie was good to put your money into waste. :x

In the middle of it, I asked my sister what I was watching. :/
2 popcorns for it in my opinion; I didn't really enjoy the movie!
We chose it because it was the only mandarin film that isn't Jack Neo's and rated PG.
I'm glad my cousin and grandma enjoyed the movie though.

ps: Didn't choose Jack Neo's film this time because the parents + sis weren't keen. :(

 photo P1000202_zps6f91d458.jpg


 photo P1000203_zpsa5096caf.jpg

 photo P1000204_zpsfc6afdbf.jpg

 photo P1000205_zps0d8d3fd5.jpg  photo P1000206_zpsbb3f1088.jpg

 photo P1000208_zps7dffabde.jpg  photo P1000209_zps0d01d0ce.jpg

 photo P1000207_zps3b4be104.jpg

So easy to take camwhore shots now with the flipup screen. HEHEHEHE.

 photo P1000211_zps0d6f0bdf.jpg  photo P1000212_zps7d03967f.jpg

 photo P1000213_zpsc15bc8da.jpg  photo P1000215_zpseb7c88e3.jpg

 photo P1000220_zps7fcb35b9.jpg
My new shoes and sister's new sandals.
My feet look small with this pair.

 photo P1000216_zps470e8cd8.jpg  photo P1000217_zpsb3e02802.jpg

&Here's 初二(Day 2)!

 photo P1000245_zps7ad6f78b.jpg
Very stupid hor, should have untied the cutrain. -,-
Then again, it now look like Sugar's wearing something on her head. Lol.

 photo P1000225_zps6a04442b.jpg
Presenting our princess! :D
Her second new dress.

 photo P1000226_zpsb4ffe028.jpg
Very more appropriate for Valentines.
Except she doesn't have a date.

 photo P1000227_zps921c72bd.jpg

 photo P1000229_zps969b4952.jpg  photo P1000230_zps4cd9ba76.jpg
Sian Sugar is sian. -,-

 photo P1000235_zps701bd21c.jpg
This is the second time she's yawning in the midst of taking a picture.
This bitch. Lol.

 photo P1000239_zpse0bfb540.jpg

 photo P1000240_zpscb8a53db.jpg
Sugar look so happy ah. :')

 photo P1000243_zps475572e6.jpg
Let's imagine my Dad isn't looking retarded with his eyes looking all weird.

 photo P1000250_zpsa4714484.jpg  photo P1000252_zps603e17dc.jpg

 photo P1000253_zps83a47a60.jpg  photo P1000255_zps8f3ad93b.jpg

 photo P1000256_zpscf10c9b4.jpg  photo P1000257_zps4b836a00.jpg

Temple visit!
It was amusing how Sugar walked to the main door of the temple, smelled and looked around and then walked away.
She didn't even try to walk in! :O

 photo P1000261_zpsfdce3711.jpg

 photo P1000264_zpsc528ad29.jpg
The place I literally stuffed myself with a lot of junk food!

 photo P1000265_zpsa465311e.jpg
I can't spell her name. :X

 photo P1000266_zps4084bd12.jpg

 photo P1000272_zps162418f7.jpg  photo P1000273_zpsf955c417.jpg
Ah Yi! ^^
Been about 5 years since we last met.

She look exactly the same as her teen self. -,-

 photo P1000274_zps5dd7c1a8.jpg  photo P1000275_zpsd683a112.jpg

 photo P1000278_zps39b49acf.jpg

 photo P1000276_zpsf94d7738.jpg  photo P1000277_zps5c10ecf8.jpg

 photo P1000289_zps5cd20450.jpg
Uncle's family not home because they went to Malaysia.

 photo P1000290_zpsaff4ddfb.jpg
Sugar was really funny.
We didn't include her in the photo taking this time but she came to wanna join us and then she looks away. TSK.

 photo P1000294_zps687714c3.jpg

 photo P1000291_zps2aa0ccbf.jpg

 photo P1000242_zps53177bd0.jpg
Favourite shot because Sugar looks really fierce like she's roaring!


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