Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Noon Fever! ♥

I'm really loving the weather these days!!! :D

So cooling and cold. hehehe. I hope it's something permanent but at the same time, I'm scared something bad is going to happen to the earth. Lol. I'm prepared to die though. :x

Annnnnnnnnnnnd today was a good Saturday with the family. ^^ Was supposed to do some voluntary work with the same group of people but the event was cancelled. x,x

Nevertheless, it was still a fantabulous Saturday! Brought Sugar out for her usual swim. The water was so so so cold, she was shaking really hard even before we put her into the water.. We were pretty behind schedule, so Sugar only exercised about 4 laps (to and fro) without U-turning; which was good. (Y)!

 photo P1000073_zpscbcdc0dd.jpg

And then, we shopped a little in her favourite U Petgamart where she peed in again -,- before driving off to Vivo City! Sugar was up for some grooming and a spa session and we were granted 5 hours of shopping!!!! Except, we didn't shop that long.

Had a hour long tea break at TCC before roaming and shopping around in the mall; mostly just Tangs. Thereafter, we went for dinner!!!! There was an event in Vivo City. And a few Hong Kong artistes walked pass us. We were shocked and confused at the same time because we were just leisurely walking around when a group of people just walked pass us. RIGHT INFRONT OF US!

But, we didn't get to see their faces. HAHAHA! All we know is Sandra Ng (吳君如) was one of them along with a singer and another actor.

It was a very very brief fanmeet =,= for the upcoming movie 《金雞sss》 Golden Chicken SSS

Ah. Why am I'm blogging so much nonsense these days?

Anyway, dinner wasn't as good. :(

Okay, bye! xD

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