Friday, January 24, 2014

Not Excited For LNY.

I am a very patriotic kindda person and would normally be very hyped up for Chinese New Year. This year, however, I am not as eager.

When I was a child, I would look forward to the redpackets I'm going to be receiving and the goodies we get to stuff ourselves with.

Then again, I am still excited to eat all the goodies. Lol. But I'm still on a diet, therefore, cannot really stuff myself any more so boohoo. But but but, I've already been stuffing myself with LNY goodies(Y)! :x Oh gawd......... >< ANYWAY The main reason why I'm not thrilled for the Lunar New Year this time is because................... There won't be a reunion dinner. x,x I guess because I'm even older now, I look beyond the surface and into the meanings of these festive. In fact, I'm someone so patriotic, I always do things because of the meanings these festive/things has. When I was told only two relatives were going to be in our house for reunion dinner, I couldn't help but frown and exclaim how it's not a reunion dinner any more!!!! >:( My granny is upset too.

I think I'm quite silly and lame though. Since it's not like I'll only get to see them once a year during LNY, it isn't that big a deal. As a matter of fact, I see them rather often in a year. Lol. I just......... the meaning of reunion dinners..........

The reasons for my relative's absence is their work commitments. Since this festive has really attractive pay rate, they've decided to slog the last day of the lunar new year to work.

Okay, fine............. I shall not be a spoilt brat and whine about it. Eh. Wait, I just did............ :X

I am now just glad we'll get to reunite on the first day of the horse year. AND BE GIVEN REDPACKETS!! Bwahahaha. Very shallow after all. lol.

&I'm going to make sure I'll take many many pictures to flood my blog. Also because I wanna make use of my new camera. HEHEHEHE.

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