Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brown Pee.

All alone at home today stuck with a lot of work. x,x

Parents out for their weekend date (not really lol) and my sister just rushed out to bring Sugar to the vet.

Sugar's sick again. :( She was all fine after her swim and her bath yesterday. Maybe just a little tired from the many activities. And then, she pee in the middle of the night. Not that it's a big deal but her pee has a little blood....... It was a bit scary.

And today, our dear Sugar's pee was brown. A reference to the color is Brand's Essence of Chicken. Literally that color. It was so scary!!!!!! Wanted to go with sister to the vet but I'm stuck here at home to complete work. x,x

But here's me blogging because I'm tired and bored from working. :x

Can't wait for sis to be back with Sugar!

 photo P1000067_zpscd74b351.jpg

& Here's two random pictures of our cute Sugar! :D

 photo P1000065_zps669db040.jpg

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