Friday, January 17, 2014

Oh Sera Sera's Belated Birthday Celebration!

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So happy to meet these girls yesterday!! ^^

After my crazy noon, I finally met up with Weishan at OG. Got the stuffs she wanted and bought some cakes before walking from The Centre Point to Scotts Square.

Throughout the entire walk, I didn't stop blabbering. Lol. I always wonder how Weishan can tolerate me (my non-stop chattering and crazy doings) or if she actually drifts away (which I doubt).

Dinner place was at Wild Honey. &I specifically requested to go to the one at Scotts Square because I prefer the service and ambience there. hehehe.

Even though both of us were late, the other two were even later! Jeannette was caught up with her job interview and Sera was no where to be found. She told us she would reach in five minutes, twenty minutes before we reached. Tsktsk. Lol. And the restaurant was so empty, we wondered why we bothered to make reservations. Lol. Of course, the restaurant got filled up later in the night.

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ps: Other than these two shots ↑ ↓, the rest are all taken with my new Lumix GF6.
Didn't manage to explore much so I think I used the wrong mode. :x

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The cakes we got her! :D
Chocolovey, Red Velvet Cupcake & Tiramisu
I wanna try their Red Velvet someday and their Chocolovey looks pretty!

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Our dinner date was specially arranged for Sera because it was her birthday on Tuesday!
I'm happy we were able to celebrate her birthday just the next day. Hehe.

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Dinner was nice.

I didn't wanna go for the usual brunch dishes and chose a sandwich instead. Breakfast Hangover LOVED IT!!! Though it was a little salty, I really enjoyed it. &Even though it was just a simple eggs, bacon and tomato sandwich, I really liked it. Lol. Maybe it's the bread? Couldn't finish the bread though............

Wanna try their Chicken Pie next. Anyone wanna go Wild Honey with me?

OH OH! I'm too broke to go there now so maybe.... in April? Anyone interested? hahahahhah.
Then again, their Chicken Pie is just $14 so maybe it's okay? xD

Last night was the first time I spent less than $30 in Wild Honey. :O
And it was exactly $25; for a sandwich I enjoyed and a drink I always order. Quite cheap leh! Compared to my past visits where I'll always (yes, always) pay more than $35 for a meal. x,x

Anyway, I digress. Because Wild Honey didn't have fantastic lightings, we headed out to take pictures. HEHE.

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No idea why but I think Sera look really pretty here. :3

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hehehe. This Jeannette so cute!

The day was not only crazy for me but also for Jeannette and Sera. Maybe not crazy but it was definitely a long day for them too. Jeannette went for her first interview ever and got the job. YAY!!!!!! And Sera went for her driving test, getting her driving license. YAY YAY!!!!!! Lol.

I'm happy when people around me are happy. :D

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Jeannette looking super happy here. Lol.
Maybe recalling our conversation about finding boyfriends who are pilots and foreigners.

She gave us insights about bankers. She's a fresh blood but got through an interview that pays $2.7k with monthly allowance and whatnot. WHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!! But of course, it won't be easy for her luh. Great powersalary comes with great responsibility.

Then we started talking about getting a banker boyfriend. Then we moved on the pilots because they brought up their plans to join cabin crew. Then, we started talking about foreigners as our boyfriends. Lol.

Although I was super sleepy, it was still a very funny conversation. Hahaha.

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I hope we all get to find what we want to do and a good career for us to excel and enjoy.
&While all busy with our own lives, remember each other's companion for that short 1.5years and meet up some days for some ketchup catchup. :D

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Favourite shot because,,, just look at Sera!
&All three of them closed their eyes coincidentally. WTH.

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