Sunday, January 19, 2014

First Voluntary Work. YAY!!!

ps: Updated with pictures from the organisers!

​The weather has been really chilly these days. &I'm loving it!

It was the same yesterday morning. Super chilly. I was really tempted to laze in bed and sleep in till noon like every other weekend.

But I'm glad I didn't.

After talking about our desires to do voluntary work for the past two years, Zylia and I have finally done one yesterday!!!! Thanks a lot to Jiaxuan who looped us in.

 photo 1510802_615431728530264_1973680026_n_zps09bf5df5.jpg
All the volunteers assigned to Chai Chee! :D
This is before the event when everyone is still fresh and clean. lol.

 photo 2014-01-18185309_zps86fc5eb6.jpg
Us exhausted, aching, dirty and smelly with our badges after 8hours of nonstop working! ^^

It was to help clean up some houses in a few areas of Singapore. We were assigned to the one at Chai Chee.

No idea why but we met up almost an hour later than planned. The bus journey there was really cold! But I had a nice chat with Kesslyn. :) When we finally reached Bedok, we met up with Zylia and split into two groups. Jiaxuan and her boyfriend was to get us breakfast and the rest of us headed down to be debriefed.

 photo IMG_14475971952805_zps3cbf0195.jpg
Taking our attendance

 photo 2014-01-18094515_zpsc68d97f5.jpg
Clean and excited us after briefing! :D

After the briefing and breakfast, we finally headed up to our household at 10. Chatted with the owner and soon got down to moving furnitures and pasting newspapers on the floor for painting.

 photo 2014-01-18105207_zps6c8c4c47.jpg

 photo 1526749_615432531863517_966600791_n_zps8cae0af0.jpg

 photo 1619359_615432535196850_831093474_n_zpsac03025f.jpg

 photo 2014-01-18115132_zps9dcd5a4a.jpg

 photo IMG_14487176394936_zps8408418e.jpg

 photo 2014-01-18115220_zps7dccbd84.jpg

Because Jiaxuan's boyfriend is one of the tallest, he was in charged of the ceilings and most of the painting.

Zylia and I took over the door and gate. We were supposed to paint them cream but were given white. Should have went down to confirm the paint but we just did the painting. And we were both on it for nearly five hours.

In the end, it turn out to be the wrong................................... kind of paint. @&$%#@%#$ Instead of oil based, we were given water based which is... just wrong. /sigh. Can only blame ourselves for not being initiative and attentive enough.

So in the end, we spent 5 hours painting the gate with the wrong paint and had to redo it by 7pm. Then, it was already past 3. The incharge came super late too! Zz

I wasn't annoyed with the mistake we made but was freaking regretful that I didn't get to help the rest with any of the painting and cleaning in the house at all. Extra two girls were assigned to help with the door and gate. I was just really happy to complete on time and helped a little cleaning.

Hmmm. This experience didn't exactly gave me a "I'm so fortunate" kindda feel (as my cousin asked); because I always feel thankful and blessed for whatever I have. I have a really good life with my wonderful family and many good friends.​​ ♥​

Instead, this experience allowed me to believe that my notion about the people​ ​here​ is right; Majority of us may be cold and unfriendly, but it doesn't mean everyone of us is like this. We made friends and had many strangers come by to offer help. A lot more passed by exchanging smiles and even whispered "加油!".​ The encouragement gave me a tingling feeling. LOL.​

I was feeling really happy because I was surrounded by nice people while doing something nice for another really nice person. ​Our beneficiary was really nice and friendly​ and kept urging us to eat or drink. Lol.

​Just because you haven't met anyone nice doesn't mean everyone is an asshole.
Just because many people you've met is an asshole doesn't mean everyone else is the same.

&OH OH!! Something good happened, ​​t​he event's photographer ​thought we're 17/18 years old. Waaaaa... /flattered HAHAHAHA​!!! Conversation came about when we commented how every volunteers are so young (averagely 16-18 years old) (ohoh! this campus superstar guy who was 13 back when he joined the competition was also there!)​ and then, the photographer went "Not really young, you guys are of very similar age, 17 to 18 lo"

​LOL. Happiest moment.​

​​In all, I'm​ extremely​ thankful to have done something this meaningful. Helping another to have a clean house for the Lunar New Year.​


 photo IMG-20140118-WA0001_zps332d69cd.jpg  photo IMG-20140118-WA0002_zps1454a653.jpg

 photo 2014-01-18185608_zps8e5111c0.jpg
Check out my dirty face. Lol.

 photo 2014-01-18185521_zps79abd5a9.jpg

 photo 2014-01-18185536_zps28b2322b.jpg

 photo 2014-01-18185554_zpsc2816c41.jpg
&here, you can see our hair turning white from paint too. Lol.

After the long day, we were split in ideas with where to go next. Zylia and I wanted to go for dinner while the rest wanted to go home to wash up before going out for dinner. Insane much. Lol. So while Zylia and I were discussing where to go, we were deciding between Hougang Mall, Hougang 1 and Kovan. But, Zylia suggested to go for some Korean BBQ since we were already smelly.


 photo 20140119225148_zps4471b59c.jpg

Jiaxuan and her boyfriend lighted up at the idea. HAHAHAHA! Persuaded Kesslyn to join us by saying I'll treat her. Lol. Yes, I'm broke but I was more bent on getting her to join us than to think about my own pocket. >< So anywayz, we had Korean BBQ for dinner. HEHEHE. Walked around a little and Dickson came by to drive us home. ^^

 photo 2014-01-18185703_zps607d05fb.jpg
ps: My nail and legs still has paint stain. :x

 photo IMG_14480905467390_zps426f9228.jpg

I was really really tired by the time we were done. My body from waist down was freaking sore from the constant squatting. And this morning, I didn't wanna get up from bed. When I finally did, my feet felt super duper numb when it touched the ground. LOL. My exhaustion hit new heights.

But I am still feeling happy. ^^

I hope that this is our first but not last experience volunteering. No. I will make sure there'll be more volunteering experience to come. Because it makes me feel more assured that not every Singaporeans are bitter and mean.

And it allows me to make a difference for other peoples life. No matter how small a gesture it may be.

What if, just what if, bitter people could divert all their negative energy to doing some good for people who are unfortunate? Would they stop being so angry?

Another long entry. Lol. Is 2014 going to be a year naggy me comes back?

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