Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Crazy Thing Done In 2014!!!! :D


Apart from the morning's discussion that tainted my day (by 2%!),the mundane work I had to do and the really nice dinner with my University friends (blog on that tomorrow), today's somewhat crazy!! :3

In a span of 24 hours, I managed to feel annoyed, sleepy, lazy, excited, fucking excited, anxious, happy and fucking happy before I finally calm down to have a really good dinner.

Annoyed because of the proud to be a Singaporean discussion.
Sleepy and lazy because work was mundane and I (as usual) slept late the night before. AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN!!! My day magically became....... AWESOME!!! Except, it wasn't really magical but materially.

My day materially became awesome. :x hehe.

 photo 2014-01-16191535_zpsb8d82806.jpg
My third Lumix! ♥

 photo 2014-01-17211318_zps03547df4.jpg
Bwahahahaha! ♥

I've wanted to get GF6 ever since it was released... Mainly because of it's technology; Taking pictures from our smartphones, Wi-Fi enabled, NFC sending and yada yada...~ But because new releases are usually pricey and since my camera was still fine (&barely 2 years old), everyone talked me out of it.

Well, I'm very lucky they have!

Thanks to them, I managed to get it at only $600!!! (Honestly, I have no idea how much it was going when it was first released a year ago. :x) Still, $600 for a mirrorless is not that expensive. Yes yes? :3

Ever since everyone talked me out of buying it, I stopped thinking about it entirely.

I swear.

Besides, I also found the Wi-Fi SD card which kept me going for a really long time.

But, last night, Harvey Norman's commercial ignited my desire to buy it all over again! I wasn't paying attention to the TV when the commercial was on. But, just when I lift my head from my phone, I caught a glimpse of GF6. THEY WERE HAVING A PROMOTION!!!!

And then, I slept it off totally forgetting about it.

This morning, I woke up and told my parents about it. Still unaware of the price, I confidently told my Dad I wasn't going to buy it. I merely wanted to know how much it is selling and I am sure it is still very expensive even after the discount. I got scolded and teased for this comment dammit! lol.

The day went by.

AND THEN AND THEN AND THEN!!! Work got so boring that it made me think about GF6 and Harvey Norman. Went googling for it AND OMG OMG OMG IT WAS GOING AT $649!!!! :O I already thought that price was cheap and couldn't help but smile like an idiot in the office.

Then, I went ahead to do a quick research on the camera which was a bad move since it only make me even more determined to get it. Then then then! I called my mother. She was pretty nonchalant and actually gave me the green light to buy it after I said I would give my GF2 to her brother. LOL.


If I could, I would dance and jump at my work station. Obviously, I did not.

Mentioning GF2 made me recall the place I got it from.
The person gave me a really good price. Hoping to get a better deal, I called up the same place and the person told me it was going at $600 with a free SD Card and from Panasonic, an original battery. LIKE OMFG?! HOW CAN I NOT BUY IT WHEN IT'S EVEN CHEAPER AND WITH FREE THINGS?!!!

Turns out this really nice person gave me a special price (or so they all say lolol)

My initial plan for the day was to knock off at 4pm and meet Weishan in town at 5pm to do some shopping for her parents. In the end, I told Weishan I'll leave it to fate to decide if I should go crazy right at the moment and buy it.

Fate with cabs will decide if I should buy it.

I was so crazy excited and happy, I speed-walked all the way to the bus-stop. BUT! The bus came before any cabs. :'( I thought to myself "G.Y.M has spoken. Maybe she's telling me to save up." I was slightly upset until I gave myself a second chance. If there's no queue at NEX's Taxi Stand, I'm going.


I boarded the cab and got the camera. MUAHAHAHHAHHAHA.

I also got myself a wide converging lens at $100 cheaper. :x

&The sales person said I smelled nice. HAHAHAHAHAH.

Everything happened so freaking fast!!!! All so fast because the shop closes at 6pm and I wasn't going to be free to go by the shop until Sunday WHICH WAS TOO LONG A WAIT!!! I was obviously too excited and happy to contain myself let alone wait till Sunday.

I'm super happy and thankful to Weishan for being okay that I was late. I was about half hour late but I'm glad we still manage to get what she wanted to buy. ^^ Chose to cab around because I had to make sure I could accompany Weishan to shop and be on time for dinner! No regrets because it was somewhat thrilling. Lol.

I actually found myself slightly shaking from all the excitement when I boarded the cab from Nex. I was in disbelief. I need to maintain my own joy. LMAO.

When I boarded my first taxi (I cabbed down to town again, total damage for both journey was only $15) there was a slight jam. But I had a good conversation with the cab driver. We even talked about the whole not proud thing. LOL.

See, a nice Singaporean!

My second cab driver was really nice too! And he actually got cheated by a fellow female Singaporean. Tsktsktsk.

SO ANYWAYZ!! My day was good not only because I got my camera and had a nice dinner with my friends. It was also because I have a wonderful friend (Weishan) who's able to stand my craziness and the very very nice taxi drivers I manage to chat up with. ^^

Must document this crazy day because I wanna remember how it was like to rush around alone and yet having no time at all to think about any other things. Hahaha. I want my career to be as exciting. :D

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