Thursday, January 16, 2014

Are You Proud?

Yesterday, I chanced upon this news about a teen saying she isn't proud to be a Singaporean.

I rolled my eyes and scrolled passed that Facebook feed.

I wasn't interested at all.

And then this morning, a friend at work brought it up. Apparently, this teen came up with a video to justify her reasons why she isn't proud to be a Singaporean.

I still didn't bother to read up the news or watch her video.

However, during the entire conversation, I learnt something new about myself!

I am extremely uninterested in other people's rants, complains, whines and unhappiness with Singapore. (In fact, I realise I have really low tolerance for rants, complains and whines in general now.) Yes, we are all entitled to our own opinions and whatnot. Whatever you think or feel, I won't judge or say much but, please please please don't tell me about it because it just frustrates me. A lot.

I don't get pissed off with their negativities and lack of love for the country; I am just not interested in your rants. Not at all. It is the action of ranting that annoys me. It makes me feel like I'm wasting my time listening to you go on and on about what you feel/think.

Unless, you're being more objective than biased.

When one already has hate, they complain a lot of what they hate. They don't properly consider the factors that contributed to how things are. They just hate. Their mind and eyes are already shut and restricted to their own feelings and opinions.

And I hate conversations like this.

Anywayz, I realize people do a lot of comparisons with other countries.

Why can't they just migrate to the country they prefer living in? If they are stuck here, can't they learn how to love the country? :/ If they can't make themselves love the country, can't they learn to do something about the hate other than hate or complain? lol.

Few things my friend brought up during the conversation includes....... the government's emphasis on education, government's lack of support on local talents and the attitude of Singaporeans. If I'm not wrong, the lady who started this nonsense discussion generalized her views. (Or maybe not).

After the whole conversation, I realise that all these dissatisfactions come from how we're being brought up and ultimately how we see things.

I agree with some points about the emphasis on education and the inability for local talents to excel here. Education is important, but it is not everything. There are degree holders who struggle to be employed, goes to show how that piece of paper doesn't do much, but certifies that we were able to smoke through (or do well) 16 years of education. It depends on how you, personally, view it. Society thinks this but you don't have to follow suit for the sake of it because in the end, you're the one living your life and doing what you do. I believe working hard and persevering through thick and thin is what gets you somewhere, not that damn certificate.

The inability for local talents to excel here has nothing to do with the government (or does it?). It's fellow Singaporeans and their lack of support for local talents. Funny to have someone (my friend) who don't watch local shows at all to comment on how locals can't excel here (but she was just sharing what the lady said in her video).

Just saying; because I believe there are many people who don't support local talents and yet complain how it's difficult to excel with talent in Singapore. Please start from yourself first.

And about the attitude of Singaporeans. I agree that Singaporeans are not as friendly as Caucasians. But seriously, I haven't really met a lot of mean Singaporeans in my 22 years here. Just because Singaporeans don't randomly greet strangers on the street, it doesn't mean they are unfriendly. And why do we always have to wait for someone to make a move first?

Try being the one smiling to other people first. Out of 10, at least seven will smile back.
Try being the one greeting and starting a conversation with strangers first. At least six will converse with you.

I think the number is already not bad! I believe not all Caucasians are nice too! I know friends who have had bad experience with Caucasians! We're just generally not as outspoken and vocal. And just because so, I don't think we should be labelled unfriendly!

LOL. Can't believe I ranted so much on this issue. Don't even know why I bothered. :/

But seriously, a lot of things should be viewed with a broader and generic view and not just based on your own satisfaction. How can the government satisfy millions of us? Besides, humans are hard to please and the world doesn't revolve around just the few of us. So instead of being all grumpy and hateful, learn to deal with it or do something about it other than complain or hate.

AHHHH!! ALSO! I believe the people around you affect how you view or love the country too!

I am extremely blessed to have rational parents who have a broad/modern view on everything and isn't biased at all. I am also very very blessed to have friends who do not hate being a Singaporean and doesn't rant about being a Singaporean at all.

ps: I just realise, I do have friends who aren't proud to be a Singaporean and would migrate elsewhere if they can. I can't help but feel sad that they think this way. :/

It's quite sad how people who are not proud to be Singaporeans are stuck here. I hope life works out for them.

We all have a choice, you know?

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ps: UPDATE! So there's this person who made this entry and I just wanna remind myself how there are many more Singaporeans who are not bitter! :D
psps: This is a good read too.

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