Monday, January 13, 2014


2014 seem to be a year I'm going to be spending a lot of money.

Just 2 weeks into the year and I've already overspent my budget by at least twofold. x,x Expensive dinner for 2, Emily's birthday (treated her to dinner + cake) and now now now, I've thrown another $96 on my stupid hand.

/sigh To think I was all excited about my travel plans and vouched to curb on my spendings these two months.

The doctor even advised me to go back for my third session so I could recover up to 95%. !?!

Hell no man.

Already a joke to begin with.

It's such a stupid minor sprain, I'm definitely not going to spend more than $100 on it. What's more, I think I'm already recovering really fast! Believed I'm handicapped for the past week and hardly used my right hand for anything! (Brushing teeth with my left hand feels damn retarded but I'm working it! lol) I'm just paranoid to use it now. :/

So, I'm going to continue treating it like it's broken until Saturday and just make sure I don't injure it again. (Y)!

 photo 2014-01-13184940_zpsaf1f7dda.jpg
More needles this time.

Lifted my hand to see the needles but I think I pulled the same vein that was poked. Two needles twitched and I saw one shake. IT WAS SCARY! And the pain was very numbing.

Every time I go for acupuncture, I would have this paranoia that someone might hit me and the needles would go into my body. :O Obviously, I haven't had such experiences. I just like letting my mind run wild and scare myself so I would be more careful while I imagine the worst that could happen. lol.

 photo 2014-01-13214321_zps4d02e11a.jpg
Another two days with my bandaged hand.
I just realise I look terrible in this picture. x,x

 photo 2014-01-13190018_zps0fe0edd4.jpg  photo 2014-01-13190013_zps08c85941.jpg

Ah!!!! I was also told that there's a 100% chance to get '风市' (random pain you'll get before/when it rains after certain age and it's incurable) (also the kind of pain I'm most most most afraid of) when you bathe too late, usually after 7pm. My first reaction was "Die, I've never bathed before 7pm before!" and then I realize, in our current lifestyle, who the hell (working people) can afford to bathe before 7pm when work usually ends at 5pm/6pm. ?! Mad.

Weishan suggest I bathe at work though. LMAO. Siao.

But but but, I'm now going to make sure I bathe as early as I can! To hell with '风市'!!!!!

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