Saturday, January 11, 2014

First Birthday Girl To Burn Her Hair

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Had a simple celebration with these guys on Wednesday. :)

Fish & Co. for dinner and Secret Recipe cakes for desserts! :D

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As much as she would want to deny growing another year older wiser, Emily is (very quickly) 23 already!!!
And it's only 11 days to 2014... :x lol.
I'm always happy when someone has their birthdays before mine. HEHE.

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Dear Rachel came the latest!
We were all settled while she was still sound asleep at home. Lol.
But lucky for her, Emily never finish her food.
So, she got to save up on dinner eating the leftovers remaining food.... :x

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Emily's first birthday cake with us!
Rachel got these for her.
It's like Doraemon's favourite food 'Dorayaki'.

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A very excited and happy Emily.

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On a random note: I prefer 'Taiyaki'! Fish pancakes that's similar to 'Dorayaki'.
Much cuter! :p

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&The birthday cake from Syuhada and I. ^^
Matcha Cheesecake.

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Check out my Chocolate Banana cake!
I finished it all by myself! :x

As for the title to this entry,,, Emily is the first person I know to actually burn her hair with fire from her birthday candles! LOLOL! It was a really quick and brief moment; explains why we don't have pictures of her epic fail. :x

She was posing to take pictures when she leaned forward (WITH THE CANDLE STILL LIGHTED!) to do something and her hair caught fire. Everything happened so fast, we couldn't really react in time. But, we sure had a lot of fun laughing at this silly girl. To think she's the first to turn 23 among the 1991 babies. LOL.

She was later very bothered by what it did to her hair. -,- While I'm just glad the flame quickly blew off within seconds and not actually burn her. Imagine the flames burning longer and actually create a hole in her jacket! :O


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After the chaos, we finished our cake and chatted a little bit here and there.

Then, someone started the topic about whether to abort or keep babies you have when you're underaged, or rather, unable to provide and raise the kid on your own.

We were split into three groups on this.

Religion all aside;

Ryan and Sheryl agreed that bearing the baby is more humane (thereafter raise or give away) while Rachel and I were bent on the idea that we should abort the baby for their own good (the baby and the baby's parents and the baby's parents' parents lol). We four had our stands while Syuhada and Emily looked like they didn't want any part of the discussion, hoping we end the debate soon and in peace. LOL. Or at least, they look like they were thinking that to me.

Though I've already had a few discussions on this, Ryan was probably the first to be really spot on the points that should be considered. At the end of the long discussion, we concluded (or rather I concluded) that whether or not we should keep the baby depends on the whole situation of the parent. There cannot be a standard.

To me, this whole issue is in a grey area where there's no clear-cut right or wrong. And, both views are not invalid at all.

The discussion got me thinking.

Ryan's stand was - Bearing the baby and then giving it away is better than abortion because mothers don't risk their health (that comes with abortion) and it's not killing a life. But instead of looking at the instant effect, Rachel and I thought about the long future.... Like, how it'll end up a burden and regret to the mother (raised or given away).

It is cruel to deny one's right to live but, it is as selfish to bring a life to suffer. Then again, how would we know if these lives would suffer and not end up with a good life or actually pulling through tough times? :/

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&The night ended with a food for thought.

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