Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Sprain To Remember

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Looks like I've a bad injury but, really, it's an extremely minor sprain.

Couldn't help but laugh when the doctor wrapped my hand like that. Weishan also laughed when I sent her the picture of my wrapped hand, teasing the exaggeration. I didn't think a small sprain would cause so much discomfort, pain and inconvenience to my everyday. x,x But I guess it's because I've sprained my almighty right hand. T^T

Even now as I blog (&the previous entry), I'm taking a longer time than usual. :(

The funnier thing about this injury is not how it's being wrapped up; but how I actually got injured. x,x Everyone I tell (the doctor included) would first be in disbelief before bursting into laughters and then exclaim how stupid it is.

I actually find it really funny too. Joke of the month? Lol.


On Monday, before the nice dinner with Zylia I was helping Mei Hua do some really mundane preparation for our Chinese New Year decorations in the office. To cut a really hard (at least 150gm) paper.

And yes, that's how I'd sprained my right hand. :(((

I only did one piece at a time while Mei Hua was able to cut two pieces of paper at once. Yet, I was the one ending up with a sprain. Couldn't believe my luck! lol.

I started feeling an ache on my right hand after work; Kept trying to twist and turn it hoping to make it feel better by cracking the right vein. Even got my mother to relive the pain with some massaging too.

On Tuesday, I skipped work to hang out with the family and celebrate my mother's birthday.

The pain wasn't gone. And it made me cranky. Very cranky and moodless.

Concluded that it's probably a sprain and my mother said she'll bring me to the doctor's on Sunday. But I didn't wanna wait so long to see the doctor because I couldn't take the discomfort anymore. I tolerated another day though (celebrated Emily's birthday yesterday, blog on that later).


Doctor said it would take extremely long for it to fully heal because I've injured the area where we use very often. x,x

I'm just going to believe that I'm handicapped for the rest of the week because I need to recover asap. Doing some volunteering work next Saturday and I'm going there to help people, not be the one needing help. :(((

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