Friday, December 06, 2013

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away~ :D

 photo P1140478_zpsca0a8d59.jpg

Yes, the family went on another cruise again this year over the week. xD

I guess we've fallen in love with this style of vacation - pure relaxation and a little isolation (since you have to cut all contact from the world; except.... I buy the Wi-Fi connection so not that much for me. :x) I bet my sister loves it for all the cheap alcohol though. xD

This time also because we wanted to give the new cruise a try!

 photo P1140736_zpsf4952eeb.jpg
The cruise!
Mariner of the Seas.

Way way way bigger than Legend of the Seas.
I can't remember the maximum capacity of Legend (probably less than a thousand) but Mariner could fit about 3500 of us!!!! :O

 photo P1140734_zps5575dc79.jpg
Took us about..... one full day to figure the place out.
But, we still got lost and would mix up the front and the back ends when we wanna go somewhere. /fail

Would plainly describe this cruise experience as........ mehh. It's not the cruise or the activities that made this vacation less perfect; but the period of our vacation and the people we were with.

We were there with my Dad's cousin's family (an almost horrible dinner experience for two nights with this aunt), a few of my mother's colleagues's family and with 2.4k other Singaporeans.

In both my previous experiences, we went onboard in February and March. The somewhat family-unfriendly period since there would be school for children........... But both times were a fantastic experience for us because there were way more Caucasians.

I am not being racist(?) here but........ we have to admit that Singaporeans are very more unfriendly than people from the Western countries.

Out of the ten people I smiled and greeted onboard this time, only one or two would return the gesture while the rest just simply look away. :(( In the previous two trips, I could randomly talk to anyone onboard! We even had fun with some Australians during Karaoke in the trip this year!

Most Singaporeans are also quite.......... typical(?) and a bit silly. Royal Caribbean is an international ship, obviously they would charge people USD. On the first day, I heard PLENTY of people asking the charging currency for Ben&Jerry's icecream and would walk away when they know it's USD. 2.50USD, ISN'T IT CHEAPER THAN WHAT WE BUY HERE ALREADY?! Zzz

It was really quite a scene to watch how these people react though. Lol.

There would also be this really long long queue in places with free food. LOL. My sister and I would avoid these places and only check them out when most people are asleep or just in the other parts of the boat. Seriously.

Despite all that, I am (very rudely) quite glad that we were only with 43 Chinese people. :x When the headcount for China population onboard was announced, I rudely exclaimed "Yes!" leaving my parents laughing at my happiness.

Thing is, we've heard bad things about them in two separate cruises before us. One with 800 of them and another with just 300 of them. (Them as in Mainland Chinese people) There were horrible things mentioned like them taking the entire plate of fruits from the buffet table AND EVEN THE ONES ON DISPLAY.. ?! Like as if they've never seen or eaten fruits before. And the other bad experience was how loud 300 of them were - to actually cover the noise created by a thousand Singaporeans. LOLOL. Won't you be glad if you were me too???? :x

But I admit, I was rude.

Not like I care. :/


The overall cruise experience was still good. :) &I would really like to go onboard Mariner of the Seas again before it sails away from Asia. (During non-peak period of course)

And the next time I sail on Mariner of the Seas, I hope it would be with my friends. Because I can imagine myself going crazy and actually go up to the dance floor with my friends and maybe play their games.... Lol.

Oh oh! Our cruise Director this time is Dan again......................... Not that I'm complaining but the activities were similar.

Okay okay. enough ranting.

 photo P1140482_zps34c17f29.jpg
The lift has the days on it!
Monday ~ Check-in

 photo P1140409_zps4de9541d.jpg

 photo P1140410_zpscd31f287.jpg

 photo P1140416_zps8a669c5a.jpg

 photo P1140419_zps7b65f4b8.jpg

 photo P1140421_zps7f9d5788.jpg

 photo P1140423_zpsaedec29f.jpg
Sea Pass card with our muster station, room number and dining details stated.

I was very excited that day. I was cheery and a bit too jumpy. LOL.
When the security guard asked for my Seapass card to enter, I loudly exclaim "Tadaaaaaaah!!" while holding it up.

 photo P1140425_zpsde77db3c.jpg
The first place and thing we would do.
We didn't drink much this time though.

 photo P1140429_zps9e0bac37.jpg
Sister checking out the activities for the day.
&then, we wandered around the entire cruise to familiarise ourselves.

I have to slap myself this time.
After going through what I've taken this time and checking out my other two experiences, I took too little pictures of the cruise and the food this time. Too little. :( Another reason for me to cruise again with Mariner of the Seas. xD

 photo P1140428_zpsae37b08a.jpg

 photo P1140430_zpsbf73c470.jpg
Shopping area!

 photo P1140479_zpsaf8efe0e.jpg

 photo P1140432_zps7766541d.jpg

 photo P1140433_zpsb9e8e67b.jpg
Christmas feel came super early this year. xD

 photo P1140434_zps431ccbc7.jpg
There were 15 decks in total! :O

 photo P1140435_zpsba568370.jpg

 photo P1140450_zps78a870ee.jpg

 photo P1140451_zpsc892e703.jpg

 photo P1140452_zpscc64f824.jpg

 photo P1140625_zps0d4362c8.jpg

 photo P1140626_zps1d0414c4.jpg

 photo P1140467_zpsba29f8fc.jpg

 photo P1140465_zps10067955.jpg
Outside "Windjammer" the buffet place onboard.
This time, their chef is said to be a Singaporean. I was wow-ed by the spread.
But this time, sister and I didn't even try it at all. LOL.
Too occupied by their other better food. :x

 photo P1140564_zps2950b39e.jpg
Casino ground.
Both my parents got a huge shock when they walk on this the first time.
JOKE OF THAT DAY. Their reactions were too freaking hilarious.

 photo P1140566_zpse5c84de9.jpg
Dinner place!
It's a free fine dining place that serves nice 3-course meal for dinner, sometimes opened for lunch and breakfast too! Love their breakfast.
For all four nights, we eat until wanna puke. x,x

 photo P1140424_zpse0bc5502.jpg

 photo P1140565_zpsa95288fb.jpg

 photo P1140684_zps0f1ee8c0.jpg
Three decks of dining!

 photo P1140685_zpsdb8a60ab.jpg

This time, there's also a few places where we can pay to enjoy different/better food.

 photo P1140715_zpse4d20540.jpg
This place has a cover charge of 4.95USD for some burgers, floats and malts.
We didn't try it. :(
Should have! The place looks so retro and nice.

 photo P1140427_zpsadcb4b1e.jpg
Ice Skating Rink!
Didn't get to do it because they only opened it for one night. :(
The other days were reserved for rehearsals.
And on the day it was opened to the public, they only allowed 35 per 30-minutes session. Even before the queue time started, there was a bloody long line for it. Zz So we gave up. :(

 photo P1140779_zpsaa9d77fc.jpg

 photo P1140780_zps0af0a2ec.jpg

 photo P1140782_zps2574d39c.jpg

 photo P1140867_zpscb55abce.jpg

 photo P1140714_zps83cef863.jpg

 photo P1140462_zps54118313.jpg

 photo P1140461_zps8d44e0b1.jpg
There were a lot of courts, I just didn't go in to snap pictures of them.

 photo P1140460_zps6db18c93.jpg
Wider but shorter rock climbing wall.

 photo P1140693_zpse049051c.jpg

 photo P1140457_zps3a9a7574.jpg

 photo P1140463_zps4adf0ee2.jpg

 photo P1140466_zpsf20d7883.jpg

 photo P1140603_zps510835de.jpg
Jacuzzi at night!
So pretty.

 photo P1140604_zps83a02666.jpg

 photo P1140426_zpse943d790.jpg
There are also many arts displayed in this ship too...

 photo P1140470_zpsb081ff31.jpg

 photo P1140480_zps680e1684.jpg

 photo P1140481_zpsadb8519c.jpg
One of my favourites. LOL.

 photo P1140661_zps4a28ce57.jpg
This too!

 photo P1140468_zpsad53ff7e.jpg

 photo P1140472_zps4a4425f2.jpg
Couldn't hear much singing this time. :( Cruise too bloody big. :((

 photo P1140475_zps15a9f7a6.jpg

After checking out the cruise, we finally sat down to have our first meal.

 photo P1140476_zps02e3521f.jpg

And then, we headed to check out our room. ^^

 photo P1140437_zpsca6c6ef5.jpg

 photo P1140663_zpsd2771e69.jpg

 photo P1140439_zps1dcbb646.jpg
No window again.
But this time, we spent even lesser time in the room. lol.

 photo P1140473_zps386de75c.jpg

 photo P1140474_zpscef8df3a.jpg
Everyone was super happy to find that the toilet doesn't have curtains.

 photo P1140580_zps147e4f37.jpg
When the upper bunk was unleashed. HEHEH. Love it.
My sister kept pestering to swap places but I love the upper bunk!
End up requesting to have both bunk beds put down. xD

After resting a bit in the room, we quickly hurry out for the Dreamworks Parade! :O
Yes, this cruise is in collaboration with Dreamworks!

 photo P1140560_zpsf558a32b.jpg

 photo P1140484_zps0f24e110.jpg
Huge crowd of audience with many many children!

 photo P1140499_zps4ac76fbd.jpg

 photo P1140488_zpsab9cea20.jpg

 photo P1140504_zps179c13ae.jpg

Mehh, not a fan. :x

 photo P1140505_zpsf18e5d45.jpg

 photo P1140510_zpse439bf18.jpg

 photo P1140517_zpsf912434b.jpg

 photo P1140519_zpsfdf52d18.jpg

 photo P1140528_zps9ea764b8.jpg

 photo P1140539_zps7647b4cf.jpg

 photo P1140541_zpsb378e568.jpg

 photo P1140544_zps75d56513.jpg

 photo P1140550_zps22276529.jpg
I swear Fiona looks really creepy with her face made like that!!

To prove my point, I secretly took a snapshot of her profile picture in the photo gallery.


 photo P1140622_zps8fce7bf0.jpg
Check out Fiona...
HOW IS THAT CUTE?! Definitely look more creepy than cute. LOL.

 photo P1140551_zpsa9b42b16.jpg
The first pig girl looks so happy. xD

 photo P1140552_zpscb960556.jpg

 photo P1140553_zpsea09a007.jpg
Panda panda dancing infront.

 photo P1140554_zps5b189b23.jpg
The 15(?) minutes parade came to a messy end. :)

They even have meet-the-session throughout the cruise session.
Obviously, I didn't go for them... I've already met these mascots anywayz (Except Sherk.. boo!).

 photo a9881fa44cdd11e39ed212c1c7587d75_8_zps10e87ce0.jpg

From this entry! :3

 photo CIMG9272_zpsc7a7e812.jpg
&Nothing will beat this shot. xD

Okay! Dinner was up!
This time, I didn't take pictures of our dinner. :x
Just our desserts. I know, it's a bit stupid. Zz

 photo P1140573_zps99f1ac70.jpg
Crème Brûlée but a bit too sweet. I only ate it once. BUT I LOVE IT.
Now, I want some Crème Brûlée too. :(

 photo P1140575_zps65b4dde8.jpg
Carrot Cake!

 photo P1140576_zpsf5298f66.jpg

 photo P1140577_zps4b03f506.jpg
The "Welcome Aboard" show!
Also the place where they announce the number of people onboard. xD

 photo P1140578_zps364b2264.jpg

 photo P1140581_zpscc98ce64.jpg
Happy is me seeing my bed.

 photo P1140584_zps61a1113f.jpg

Rested for a while and went for some drinks.

Sister and I spent quite a bit on drinks this time. :x But we manage to try as many cocktails as we can! ^^ Bad thing is, I would wake up every morning with alcohol in my body. /puke

I told my sister we have to take picture of every drink we order onboard. Failed to take pictures of at least 5 of our other drinks. Zz Either because I forgot my camera, or just out from the gym (yes, we actually gym-ed) or just too dark. :(

 photo P1140589_zps40b8dff2.jpg
Sister's Brandy Dry. She's crazy. After the first night, she kept requesting for stronger alcohol. x,x

 photo P1140590_zps0709c2cc.jpg

 photo P1140596_zps6ae6f167.jpg

 photo P1140600_zps6da141d6.jpg

 photo P1140607_zps192166e3.jpg

 photo P1140608_zpscbf5540f.jpg

 photo P1140672_zps6d975430.jpg
Tuesday ~ Penang Stop

The family didn't alight this time because the stop period was too short and we wanted to just enjoy the empty cruise.
(Not that empty though)

 photo P1140613_zps8b3f560d.jpg
Breakfast menu!

 photo P1140614_zpse6b08442.jpg

 photo P1140616_zps219f048f.jpg

 photo P1140618_zps6868c411.jpg

 photo P1140621_zpsa61d9a05.jpg

 photo P1140623_zps73ebb662.jpg

I know, this is a freaking awkward picture posing with some bread art. Zzz
My mother is weird. LOL.

 photo P1140624_zps2eb1a070.jpg

 photo P1140627_zpsc1ff12a0.jpg

 photo P1140628_zpsf1158aae.jpg

 photo P1140630_zpsc32e44fc.jpg
No more sexy Caucasians to watch as they sun-tan. :x

OH! The weather this time is quite wet too... December... x,x

 photo P1140632_zps13f1a2fd.jpg

 photo P1140637_zpse3675e83.jpg

 photo P1140641_zpsbbda30b4.jpg  photo P1140645_zpsdd01fe22.jpg

 photo P1140647_zpsecfb9926.jpg  photo P1140642_zps46b184aa.jpg

 photo P1140646_zps233975c1.jpg

 photo P1140651_zpsd9a4c457.jpg

 photo P1140656_zpsa9b99414.jpg

 photo P1140657_zps86b63b6b.jpg

 photo P1140658_zpsc945c811.jpg

 photo P1140662_zps8aaf67fd.jpg
Yoghurt icecream!

AH! At this deck, we spotted a celebrity!
Lina Ng (黄嫊方)! She looks almost exactly as how she looks from the TV! Quite skinny and quite friendly. :)

 photo P1140665_zpsddf2a887.jpg

 photo P1140666_zpse149a241.jpg
Scoop so small......

 photo P1140668_zps3a5730c2.jpg

 photo P1140669_zps986603d0.jpg
Latte Latte for me! :D

 photo P1140676_zps4762cb40.jpg
Penang! :D

 photo P1140677_zps35b4c8f3.jpg

 photo P1140686_zps63ac1c82.jpg

 photo P1140688_zps7ce7248f.jpg

 photo P1140689_zpsa6bda790.jpg

 photo P1140691_zpsf75dd3b1.jpg

 photo P1140692_zps3dd41592.jpg

 photo P1140694_zps47ae4085.jpg

 photo P1140696_zpsdb0e03a7.jpg

 photo P1140697_zps03651a08.jpg
Dad won mum!

 photo P1140701_zps9f14d448.jpg
I blame my blindness. lol.

 photo P1140706_zpsd97a14ec.jpg
Dad also won my sister. :O

 photo P1140709_zps13a6fcbe.jpg

 photo P1140710_zps7ad7eac6.jpg

After the games, everyone were sweaty and tired. LMAO!!!!
It was fun though. My first visit to the arcade with my parents after growing up. HEHE.

 photo P1140717_zpsb9960f9c.jpg
Back in the room to find a piggy towel! :)

 photo P1140777_zps01419eaf.jpg
Wednesday ~ Phuket

Woke up early to have breakfast with the family while my sister lazed in bed.
In this trip, I think I barely slept. Couldn't sleep in the first two nights and slept freaking late in the next two nights but waking up before 8am everyday. x,x

 photo P1140719_zps7cffab36.jpg
Eggs Benedict!
Not in the menu but can be ordered! :D
Nice uh! Theirs a bit sour because they added vinegar to their sauce.

 photo P1140722_zps2ed01abd.jpg
Our ticket to go out!
Had to ride a boat out as per usual because the cruise is parked quite far from the jetty/pier.

 photo P1140721_zps3a1be6c1.jpg
Dad's gambling chips.
This time, the casino is quite crowded and very smoky! I don't remember Legend allowed smoking in the casino. :/

 photo P1140723_zps4259586c.jpg

 photo P1140724_zpsf5ff5a5b.jpg

 photo P1140725_zpsd839406f.jpg

 photo P1140726_zps5812dc29.jpg
random border ftw! xD

 photo P1140729_zps04c6e64b.jpg

 photo P1140731_zpsa9c128d6.jpg

 photo P1140737_zps15a2b4da.jpg

 photo P1140764_zps42fddd3d.jpg
Their tuktuk so cute.

 photo P1140739_zpsacebce57.jpg

 photo P1140742_zpsb10b842d.jpg

 photo P1140743_zpsa3054b21.jpg

 photo P1140744_zps96eca6ae.jpg

 photo P1140745_zpsd01e49c9.jpg

 photo P1140746_zpseddb42d6.jpg
Everything we ordered tasted really really good. I wanna go there again! :/
But one thing, they were freaking slow with our orders because the person we took our orders messed up. x,x

 photo P1140747_zps32ed65cc.jpg

 photo P1140749_zpsa7c11109.jpg

 photo P1140752_zpsa0ee9611.jpg
The family has never finished a bowl of Tom Yum Soup.
We finished this. DAMN GOOD!!!

 photo P1140753_zpse1bc2cab.jpg
Talking about Sugar. Lol.

 photo P1140755_zps2153dcac.jpg

 photo P1140756_zpsb4dbe2a0.jpg
A bit silly to be going to shopping malls but there wasn't much we wanted to do. lol.

 photo P1140757_zps42b380b6.jpg

 photo P1140761_zpscc74b7cf.jpg
Lucky me because I BOUGHT A WATCH!!!
Saw another one onboard that was freaking cheap but I didn't really like it.
Honestly, I don't really wear watches. Lol. But my sister kept saying it looks nice on me and blahblahblah so yeah... :D

 photo P1140762_zps47028223.jpg
Super nice crepe. HEHE.

 photo P1140765_zpsa0826941.jpg
Rushing back onboard to have our dinner.
You do not have to luh, I just wanted to go back for their dinner. We paid for it anywayz, so why spend more outside, right right right? My sister wanted more Thai food though. :/ :p

 photo P1140766_zpsb3c197ec.jpg
Patong Beach!

 photo 2013-12-04181005_zps52268515.jpg

 photo 2013-12-04181233_zps3a33008f.jpg

 photo P1140738_zps8cab3435.jpg

 photo P1140769_zps9e999f36.jpg

 photo P1140770_zps52347685.jpg

 photo P1140772_zps71fb9908.jpg

 photo P1140783_zps0dc8ac71.jpg
Lamb Shack. (Y)! (Y)!

 photo P1140784_zps4f5df26c.jpg

 photo P1140786_zps17c3fa82.jpg

 photo P1140787_zps45d66783.jpg
Went to watch this multi-talented YouTube person... Indeed talented.

 photo P1140789_zps7c5fac11.jpg
Spot me!!!!





Well, of course you won't be able to. I mentioned I didn't get to Iceskate right? :((

 photo P1140791_zpsdad02c98.jpg

 photo P1140792_zps91ed25da.jpg
&This horrendous thing. WTH is this suppose to be huh?

 photo P1140902_zps19819ba8.jpg
Thursday ~ Laze on board!
& we did! Woke up at 7am but lazed on the bed till 11:30am. LOL.

OH YA! I wanted to go watch sunrise... Obviously didn't. lol. Next trip next trip. xD

 photo P1140793_zps09af638a.jpg
Had lunch at this place.
Italian food.



Cost us only 20USD for a high standard 5-course meal. WTH.


Must bold and large-size the fonts because THIS EMOTION IS TOO DAMN REAL!!!


Worse thing is, we met this Thai father and son who told us the other restaurant is even better. WTF WE MISSED IT. TSSSSK!!!!!

It's something called "My Dining Time". Speciality restaurants that you have to pay. But confirm plus chop, worth it!

Before I go on with pictures of our order, I have to say it was a really pleasant experience. Revealed how silly I was too. LMAO. Initially, I thought we only had to order one dish from each side; there was "starters" and "soups" on one side and "entrées" and "pasta" on the other.

Being a Singaporean, I wondered "For just 20USD, how can it be order so much?" Clarified my doubt and I have never ever been so wrong. LOL. I forgot it was a 5-course meal. xD

BEST THING IS, you can order the items as many times as you want! But, obviously you won't, because your stomach would probably explode from all the good food. As in, too much food. LOL.

 photo P1140794_zps143d80e4.jpg
This is some vinegar for the bread they serve.
ps: They ALWAYS serve bread before ANY meals. &we have this favourite bun, die die must eat one. Carbs overload. lol.

So about this vinegar.... It sounds damn weird but it was actually not that bad? Just weird. LOL. I finished two slices of bread though. (Y)!

 photo P1140797_zpseb81519e.jpg
This is my face unaware of how much awesomeness is coming my way. LOL.

 photo P1140798_zps45e546a9.jpg

We were giggling on the table because I made a stupid joke out of this dish - being a "cured" veal. Like... "It was sick but it was cured" LOLOL! Thinking about it make me feel stupid all over again. LMAO.

 photo P1140799_zps5e2e2728.jpg
My sister's.

 photo P1140800_zpsba6828dd.jpg
Order the same soup.

 photo P1140801_zps93938024.jpg
Nice linguine my sister had! But I'm not a fan of olive pasta. :/

 photo P1140802_zpsbd349292.jpg
My lasagne damn nice please!

and then........

 photo P1140803_zps60cf863f.jpg
Like... cm'on this would freaking cost us $59.90 in Singapore.
But no no no, it's only 20USD WITH FOUR OTHER NICE DISHES!!!!


But then, when this was served, my sister and I had our jaw dropped.


I finished all my food thus far while my sister learned the American way and left bits and pieces of her every dish. Zzz

I finished 9/10 of my beef though. LMAO.
Their truffle fries was also not bad (but I can't eat much potato so boohoo!)

Then...... desserts happened.

 photo P1140804_zpsbfcee60a.jpg
I had the chocolate tart while my sister ordered their Tiramisu.

Even though the Tiramisu looked like a mess, it taste no where like a mess! NO WHERE!

I couldn't finish my chocolate tart. But my sister(who didn't finish any of her 4 dishes up till here) ORDERED A SECOND SERVING!!!!!

I also ate some Tiramisu.


I always thought TCC has really decent Tiramisu since I'm not really a fan of it (because of the coffee). AND THEN THIS TIRAMISU HAPPENED. WHUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!!!!!!

Sigh, I'm missing it right now. x,x

Anyway, during this meal; when we're on our dessert, this Thai father and son(quite handsome) started conversing with us. Apparently, they are owners of some renowned Spa in Bangkok. They are so freaking rich that they didn't know there were free fine dining dinner where we common people dined in. Lol. They have been eating ALL THESE GOOD FOOD for every meal. WTF?! And they told us to try out the other one which is even better than this. WHUUUUT?! BETTER THAN THIS?!!!

AND FOR ONLY 30USD!! Omg I am so angry with myself just thinking about it now. x,x

Anyway, so yeah... then something ridiculous happened. The father asked me about the steak. BUT, I heard "stay". *^%$#$%^&&%$#@$^&*

Please go ahead and imagine how confused they would be and how freaking embarrassed I was when I answered his steak question with "It has been really good. Very relaxing" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I wanted to bury my head into something when I realize I misheard him.


We continued to have a really normal conversation but I never stop feeling embarrassed. :( They showed us this picture of the handsome son lying on this really huge Tiger in Phuket. :O And then they proceeded to laugh at us shopping in Phuket. LOLOL.

The father also kept suggesting to give us their contact but we didn't bring our phones with us (what's the use of it when you have no connection right?!). The son didn't look that willing to give us his number though. :/ LOL.

Okay, enough about this father and son who stayed in Junior Suite. :O :O :O

-I need to calm down-

After lunch, we headed to catch the Iceskating show.

 photo P1140805_zps7c1ede53.jpg

 photo P1140806_zpsc164a31c.jpg

 photo P1140812_zps315fea9f.jpg

 photo P1140814_zps7d48fe5d.jpg

 photo P1140816_zps8821600f.jpg

 photo P1140817_zps9f7d3a50.jpg

 photo P1140818_zps4050d7bb.jpg

 photo P1140819_zps89f8734e.jpg

&then back to the room to wash up a bit.

 photo P1140821_zps6d24768b.jpg

 photo P1140823_zpsc41599a7.jpg
Also to tip our stateroom attendant for his really good service. ^^

We continued the day doing a lot of other things and then came back to the room to change into "formal" wears for dinner. Didn't think we have the space for dinner after our awesome lunch right? Apparently, we felt damn bloated while eating. But when we exited the restaurant, we felt like we could stuff more Tiramisu. :(

About the formal wear... Most Singaporeans, sadly, can't be bothered to dress up. I think at least one third of the people there were in Polo T-shirts. Seriously, no respect for the theme, the people serving you and the people you're dining with. TSK! I remember seeing plenty of Caucasians very well dressed in long sleeve shirts AND COATS for the formal night dinner. Even we were dressed down back then. Of course, I'm not expecting people to all wear coats but at the very least, wear shirts and not stupid Polo T-shirts?! Zzz

 photo P1140827_zps6e15dcc6.jpg

 photo P1140829_zps10a30a9c.jpg

 photo P1140828_zps622c0d22.jpg
ps: I order beef without fail every night. Lol.

 photo P1140831_zps754a8da8.jpg
Their parade again! :3 So fun!

 photo P1140835_zps93e6c269.jpg

 photo P1140840_zps22148c1a.jpg

 photo P1140842_zps8f71e96d.jpg
Surprisingly damn good! Ordered a second serving with extra icecream. HEHE.

After dinner, we were looking for places to take pictures.

My mother spotted this really nice backdrop in front of the casino.

 photo P1140849_zps04cb8fd3.jpg

 photo P1140850_zps180e8ed4.jpg

 photo P1140851_zpsd74697c3.jpg

 photo P1140853_zpsed01a4ab.jpg
Would you like to Tango? ;)

 photo P1140854_zps78fba4a6.jpg

 photo P1140861_zps5e8eea82.jpg  photo P1140863_zps8ba7d422.jpg

 photo P1140862_zps6df10cc0.jpg

 photo P1140870_zps873fc4ee.jpg

 photo P1140871_zpsc136a0fd.jpg

 photo P1140874_zps44ae7fa5.jpg  photo P1140876_zps5d289b31.jpg

 photo P1140877_zps4f4b66c8.jpg  photo P1140878_zpsca99d8eb.jpg

I have no idea what's my mother up to. LOL.

 photo P1140880_zpsb9d59edf.jpg

 photo P1140885_zps7dbcfbf2.jpg

 photo P1140888_zps7ffaffca.jpg
Chillax somewhere thereafter.

 photo P1140892_zpsdc5d7ce8.jpg

 photo P1140895_zps4a5943de.jpg
A friend of my parents since he enlisted into army. Was in the same unit as my mother and introduced to my Dad after he ORD. They are currently business partners. :) And the pretty lady above is his wife, pretty girl below is his daughter.

He still has a picture of me when I was 3 and wearing red lipstick. OMG!!!!

 photo P1140896_zpsc466e71e.jpg

 photo P1140897_zpsc944968f.jpg
Last show for the trip!

 photo P1140899_zpsab1dabb3.jpg

 photo P1140900_zpse52b899c.jpg
&The activity I can imagine doing with my friends. Lol.
Especially Karena. :)

 photo P1140901_zpsed4e75a7.jpg
This Korean couple damn funny.
The guy kept dancing really vigorously and even did Gangnam style. Lol.

 photo P1140903_zps11540da7.jpg
&Then, our trip came to an end. :'(

A bit abrupt. LOL! But no more pictures....

Here are my favourite shots from this trip
 photo P1140879_zpsfb4b7edb.jpg

 photo P1140655_zpsff13090c.jpg

 photo P1140420_zps7f2be4be.jpg

 photo P1140648_zps0a9b982a.jpg

 photo P1140601_zpscf02363f.jpg

 photo P1140855_zps1aa06049.jpg

 photo P1140586_zps4ca1a8c4.jpg

 photo P1140855_zps1aa06049.jpg

 photo P1140832_zps5c247355.jpg

 photo P1140771_zps9be0274b.jpg

 photo P1140587_zps94b3e0b6.jpg
Okay, byebye. LOL.

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