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Jiaxuan's 22 Now! :3

Few more minutes till the end of Jiaxuan's birthday..

Lucky enough, we were able to celebrate with her on the day itself! (Like her, I don't really fancy advanced or belated..) Thanks to her boyfriend who had to study over the weekends. Lol. We were suppose to meet on Sunday! But if we were to, the guys won't be able to join........ and surprise her! xD

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 photo P1140948_zps7bec488b.jpg

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Got #那些年 feel not? xD

 photo P1140904_zpsb2a1fb2c.jpg

It was supposedly a girls thing tonight.
But I'm glad we were able to celebrate her birthday together. :)

Met up with Jiaxuan in the early evening to supposedly do some gift shopping. But, things got delayed. We end up walking out of Bishan's BHG just in time to meet Kesslyn. For the guys to get totally ready, we shopped a little while more before going over to Mellben Seafood. The surprise wasn't as successful though. Because I couldn't spot the guys and in the end Jiaxuan was the one who saw them and went "Eh~" lol.

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 photo P1140909_zps0fb51fc5.jpg

 photo P1140916_zpsac932253.jpg
Salted Egg Ribs.
My sister's recommendation!
All of us liked it! (If I'm not wrong)

 photo P1140922_zps8640763c.jpg

 photo P1140924_zps28b12e52.jpg
I really liked this!

Overall enjoyed my meal.
But, my sister doesn't think it's worth it because it's like... being charged for "Jumbo"/"No Signboard" standard for Tze Char.
For 6 dishes we ordered (plus drinks), it was about $213. Expensive? :/


 photo P1140927_zps035abe87.jpg

 photo P1140928_zps8b2e530e.jpg

 photo P1140929_zpsfa4576af.jpg
She claimed that she can eat 10 of those.
I thought she was exaggerating.
She ate at least 6 tonight. :O

 photo P1140930_zpsa2511f69.jpg

 photo P1140931_zps32a3902f.jpg

 photo P1140932_zps6316d43d.jpg

 photo P1140933_zpsa167c01c.jpg

 photo P1140935_zps1282c3d9.jpg

 photo P1140936_zps77af984a.jpg

I have no idea what's Bing Cheng and Edmond is doing. Promoting the drink? lol.

 photo P1140938_zps36fb713f.jpg

We weren't satisfied with these shots, so we proceeded to Bishan Park for more!

 photo P1140940_zps1ec0c672.jpg

 photo P1140941_zps0ae19785.jpg

 photo P1140944_zpsb5b0cda4.jpg

 photo P1140945_zpsbdb2e962.jpg
This is like so cute. lol.

 photo P1140949_zps7b0740fe.jpg

 photo P1140952_zps05e2e72f.jpg

 photo P1140953_zps71fcde1b.jpg

 photo P1140957_zps72fdd77d.jpg

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 photo P1140959_zps59295488.jpg

 photo P1140960_zps863982f0.jpg

 photo P1140961_zpse6d007d2.jpg
Super love this picture.
Kesslyn looking super cute and Edmond looking ecstatic!
Then again, he look like someone's tickling him. :/

 photo P1140962_zps490ff865.jpg

 photo P1140963_zps57d008d7.jpg

 photo P1140964_zps696e4d28.jpg

 photo P1140965_zps741724fa.jpg

 photo P1140966_zps6760c996.jpg

 photo P1140967_zpsd8d047da.jpg

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 photo P1140971_zpsbad46525.jpg

 photo P1140973_zpscb65a92c.jpg

 photo P1140974_zps75e84947.jpg

 photo P1140974_zps75e84947.jpg

 photo P1140980_zpsc9899a56.jpg

 photo P1140983_zps383820ef.jpg

 photo P1140984_zps6f77b2dd.jpg

 photo P1140985_zps9fa941f8.jpg

 photo P1140987_zps075da4ff.jpg

 photo P1140991_zps00070ff3.jpg
Kesslyn said Bing Cheng was in a good pose.
Tried to shoot a new display picture for him but the lighting was horrible.
Handphone torch to the rescue! Lol.

 photo P1140998_zps539d1a52.jpg

 photo P1150002_zpsf3493530.jpg

 photo P1150003_zps610741e3.jpg

 photo P1150004_zpsffdcf09a.jpg

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 photo P1150006_zpsa3e97b6a.jpg

 photo P1150007_zpsdc624aaf.jpg

 photo P1150008_zps298e77f9.jpg

 photo P1150014_zpsee5ebd11.jpg

 photo P1150016_zps7509ccdc.jpg
I.... have... no... idea... wth we're doing here.
Must be Kesslyn's idea. LOL.

 photo P1150017_zps730e4684.jpg

 photo P1150018_zps99b69def.jpg

 photo P1150019_zps2ff122e8.jpg

 photo P1150020_zpseddd6a8c.jpg

 photo P1150021_zps4549d768.jpg

 photo P1150022_zpsb30ad6e3.jpg
This Jiaxuan too much!
Adjusted all our positions and then rushed in to totally cover me. LOL.

 photo P1150023_zpsb6e9dc08.jpg

 photo P1150024_zpsd486cee6.jpg

 photo P1150026_zpseacb017b.jpg
If only our camera was in a better angle.

 photo P1150027_zps9e3ce214.jpg

 photo P1150031_zps08faa15b.jpg
After all taking all the pictures, we walked over to AMK Hub for some desserts!
Jiaxuan treated. ♥

It was a really nice night. :)
Ever since two years ago, I've been very very thankful for being included in any meetups or activities with them and also with some other friends. I have to say, in this case, I deserve all the exclusion because I went all 'CSI' with them; becoming really distant and just really caught up with NPCONCC. Lol. At least I'm still included some times these days. ♥ Can't believe we've known each other for about 10 years now. :') Those were the good days.

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