Saturday, October 26, 2013

3 Down 1 More to Go! :D

Exams have started and we've survived our third paper yesterday! ^^

A little too early to party but we have approximately 4 days to prepare for our last paper so there I was meeting up with a group of friends last night and here I am blogging about it. xD

I should update about my Sunday first though........................... :x

Anyhow, I headed out straight after my paper yesterday. It ended at 4odds and I was dogged. But but, I still went out to find Jiaxuan and headed down to Holland Village because it was to celebrate Pototo's birthday. xD Well.... Not really, he just asked a group of friends to head out for some drinks.

He brought a friend, Robbin brought a friend and Jiaxuan wanted to tag along because she wants to know my friends. ^^ So nice of her! She's always a good companion because she's super friendly. Lol. Turn out to be a really nice night. Went to the cafe they've been raving about (hot girls!) and had cheap dinner before going for some beer.

Unsure if it's because I haven't had alcohol for a really long time or I'm just weak. I was slightly tipsy after my second pint! :O

I had a really good sleep though. HEHE.

 photo 20131025_170619_zps815eb473.jpg

 photo 1383495796598_zps515bf965.jpg

 photo 1383495793086_zpse129b896.jpg
Mehhhhhhhhh. Didn't take any pictures with the guys. Zz

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