Sunday, October 27, 2013

One Week.


Today's one of the best Sundays ever!! Because......... I can't recall when's the last time I had such a quality time with my family. :/ Probably has been a while....................... With school, assignments and exams choking our time. ><

Well, we brought Sugar to swim today, and the rest (IKEA shopping and Changi Airport's Itacho for dinner) were very impromptu!! After having fun torturing watching Sugar swim, we took quite a long while to shop in the pet mart before finally leaving the place. It was pouring! So we took even more time just walking around the big pet mart.

Because we couldn't go to many places with Sugar, we brought her home. The journey from Haw Par Villa to our place is really really long so during the car ride, everyone suggested places to go.

My mother wanted to go Ikea for some shopping but my sister insist on having Itacho for dinner (she treated), so so so, I summed up the suggestions with "afternoon tea" and some shopping at Ikea before going down to Changi Airport for dinner. Lol.

And yes, we did all that.

It was still early by the time we reached home anywayz! So, there was plenty of time for afternoon tea, shopping and dinner! :D

Ate a little at Ikea. I miss miss miss their meatballs and chicken wings!!! Shopped for quite a bit (just nice to digest!) and had hotdog + icecream + their mini doughnuts. LOL. We were quite stuffed by then but we still went ahead with our dinner plans. A little bit crazy. But it was my cheat day! So heck with it. HEHE.

I couldn't eat a lot for dinner though.

Just salmon sashimi, their lobster salad and mango sushi was filling for me.

AH!!! It was also the second Sunday we went to Changi Airport. More about that later.

Pictures from yesterday!!!

 photo DSC_0424_zps2fe24cc2.jpg
Really clean and nice pool place.
They used to locate at Pasir Ris Farmway but has since shifted to Haw Par Villa. :)
It's just a pity that the space has been downsized by about half. ><

 photo 2013-10-27-13-52-39_deco_zps17cfa32a.jpg
Our baby girl swimming.

She doesn't really like to swim but we still bring her to do it because her vet told us it'll be good for her joints. With her crazy jumping and running around at home, we hope these "water therapy" would be good for her too. :3

Some videos we took ~~~

Sugar struggling to finish one lap. xD

So freaking cute how she's pedalling before even going into the water. xD
& She always U-turn from this end of the pool. Cute but damn annoying also ah! lol.

I look super unglam here. xD
But Sugar's so cute!!!
So anywayz, as mentioned, we went to Changi Airport for two consecutive Sundays!

We went there last week because I had plans to meet with a friend and my sister wanted to have Itacho for dinner (Yes, she's crazy about Itacho. lol)

It was also a day before my first paper. I think I was crazy. lol.

But it was a pleasant night hanging out with a friend I know online. ^^

 photo 20131020_181745_zps8ce28703.jpg
Selca with Sugar before heading out.

The weather was horrible. Pouring.
&I was super glad my family decided to go along with me.

 photo 20131020_212234_zps90915e19.jpg
Miwi from New Zealand!
She was on her way to Korea (jealous max!) and transited in Singapore giving me a chance to finally see her face. LOL.

 photo 20131020_212316_zpsa8ce9ac2.jpg

 photo 20131020_212334_zps1bba993f.jpg

 photo 20131020_212418_zps76fbe0b8.jpg

 photo 20131020_212423_zps892b1f04.jpg
It was a really nice time though short. >< Possibly another time again! :D 

 It's pretty amazing how common interest can help expand our circle of friends so easily. :) I'm so super super thankful to have known a few fellow shawols online because there's hardly anyone (actually, no one) here I can spazz with. ;___; 

 And some pictures with babySugar to end the entry! :3

  photo 20131020_182003_1_zps7a10c2ad.jpg

 photo 20131020_181839_zps08f87c5d.jpg

 photo 20131020_181840_zpsb4da1a10.jpg

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