Thursday, April 11, 2013

Stuffed Tuesday!

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Monday night with some of my favourite people! :3

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Camwhoring during breaaaak on Wednesday!

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Lunchdate on Wednesday!

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Check out the shaved ice that is BIGGER than Emily's face. :O

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Didn't even finish half!

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But the Mochi so good so good!!!! :3

Had a satisfying (&stuffed) lunch date with Emily yesterday. Our initial plan was to go for some Korean BBQ but apparently, it is only available after 5:30pm (okay okay fine, who in the right mind eats BBQ food in the afternoon, right? I'm now aware no one does. Lol) The date was postponed twice and we finally met yesterday. Hehehe. Though we were disappointed with all Korean BBQ restaurants closed, we still had a good (&overpriced) lunch.

I was stuffed by the time we were done with lunch. Ordered each a dish and a Kimchi Pancake. Bad choice. It is HUGE and this EmilyHeng didn't even eat 5% leaving me to finish up 80% of it. :O

We later headed down to Amara Hotel for some awesome Matcha dessert where she ordered a shaved ice that was even larger than her face!!!!!!!! Both our jaws dropped when we were served. Took quite a while to finish half before giving up on it.

After the very very heavy lunch (I was so full, I felt uncomfortable and seriously felt like puking all the way till 12mn. NO JOKE.) I was extremely drowsy and decide to head home.......

Skipped dinner because I was still nausea from the overloaded lunch. But I had a bit of Red Velvet cake we bought from Quarter to Three before reaching Amara Hotel. Kekek.

Had a good talk, learnt new things about people and touched on a sad topic.

It is puzzling how our perspectives about something, about someone, changes along with how we feel about that something, that someone.

One day, you're head over heels, seeing everything positive, and in admiration, enjoying and finding happiness in the slightest thing that happens. And then the next time, you're all over the feeling, slowly seeing the flaws, getting annoyed and realizing more negativities, leading to increasing frustrations and eventually unhappiness in most things that happen.

Sigh. It makes you wonder "Is it just me, or have things took a drastic turn? Did it change, or did I change or did my perspective change?"

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