Sunday, April 07, 2013


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Helloooooooooooooooooo! :3
Here's just a quick update of my weeeeeek before I get started on some serious work! ^^

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Last Wednesday we coincidentally wore the same color top!

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Loving Weishan's cute cute bangs (that she dislikes) hehehe.
But waraoooooo her fringe is growing

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The day I wasted 4 hours and almost $100 on a failed trip to lunch. T^T

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Last Saturday!!!

It was a impromptu meetup because I had a random crave. xD
Went out with Gary before that for Kumar's "What Makes A Man A Man".
It was a hilarious show! Very sexual though. I prefer him being racist. lol.

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&This is Thursday night!
Zylia invited me to be her plusone for ZA Makeup workshop(?)
Learnt how to properly clean and do makeup!
It was really fun!

I'm already a fan of ZA products and after that night, I bought even more stuffs! xD

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Zylia finally eating dinner (their refreshments + my share lol)

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Got picked as a model and the person made her right eyes look O,o lol

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Annnnnnnnd, as you can see, I did my hair~
Currently still having a little mixed thoughts on the outcome (liking it more now), but I feel like a peacock!
And since, it's no longer purple, I figured to change the tag to crazyhaircolors instead. kekeke. (Random).

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I'm quite sad that my hair got chopped off quite a bit though. T^T

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