Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Pointless Entry.

It's 3am right now but I refuse to shut my eyes and sleep. I don't want Friday to end and I don't want Monday to come. Feeling a bit dreadful for Mondays these days because time is ticking off way too fast!!!! I'm now less than a month away from exams. *panic* AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

First quarter of the year is bidding farewell already, Y U SO PHAST?!

Anywayz, I'd wanted to blog about something this afternoon but was too busy with schoolwork.

Today, I came to realize the source of my positivism and craziness comes from my parents. I have always known that my concept of money is greatly influenced by them, but haven't quite link our positivism and craziness until today!

As I listen to my dad advise his cousin while pacing back and forth in the living room today, I had a notion that a little or most of my positivity had came from my dad. And then, I pondered and realize I'm crazy because my mother is a little crazy too. Lol.

This entry has no point at all actually, I just wanted to blog some random stuffs. xD

And oh! When I told my mom about the incident on the bus with the random guy, her first reaction was to laugh out loud before questioning the realism of the episode and then going all "you must be careful next time". Lol. Silly mother. If it actually happens again, I'll laugh my teeth off!

Met up with Bingcheng, Edmond, Jiaxuan, Yanling, Dickson and Yongquan today for movie and supper. I really really really really really hope our Korea/Taiwan trip next year will happen!!! For now, it is pretty much another "all-talk" :(

Still rather bummed that Taiwan is really not happening this year. Hai. Hai.

But but but I'm exxxxxxxcited about going to Korea!!!!!!!! xD (provided the war doesn't happen!) If it doesn't work with them, I'm gonna kneel and beg my mum(pray to gym too!) to let me go Korea with sister after she graduates!! :3 Current plan is to look for reliable friend(s) my mum trust, is interested to go and not bail out on us, else the backup plan is to visit Korea with the family. Then again, another all-talks. Lol. I'm still excited though, even though it is still a year away, I've been paying attention to places in Korea! I've even talked about where I wanna go and what I wanna eat! hahahaha.

For now, I shall just work hard on saving up and look forward to the upcoming cruise trip in December. Hehehehehehe.

This entry is really pointless. Hurhur.

ps: I hope and pray that Grandpa is fine with only an infection and not the big C.