Friday, March 22, 2013

7 Days.

:) Just here to update a little bit with pictures taken over the weeeeeeek!

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Last Friday night with Lance and Jolene!
Planned to have dinner with my princessJoJo but Lance just joined in last minute.

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Funniest shot!

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Next day, helped my previous company to work in an exhibition for the day!
Coincidentally, Pingpong was there too! hehehe.

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Been so long since I wore platforms, my legs were ached for two days!!!!

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She later joined me for dinner with my friends too! ^^

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Pototo and Robbin!

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&Monday! Where I was too early for class.
I've been reaching school earlier and earlier man!

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Brunch with Sisters later that day!

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The only macaroons I can accept!
(Rest too sweeeet!)

&How can I have Monday blues when there's good brunch and a good night out with my girlfriends??? ♥
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Talks from boys to shows to pregnancies!
Our topics are aging together with us. LOL!

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Brunch with Shamyn as a belated birthday celebration for me me me! ;)

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I got sick of their pancakes after....... 5 pancakes. ><

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Dinner was cute!
Weather was bloody hot and humid.

Next on our list was bowling!!!!
Not exactly random because Shamyn had been wanting to bowl and we've been planning since quite long!

 photo 20130321_152326_zps3f2906a8.jpg
Round 1. ting ting
We didn't bet on this round. TSK! lol.

 photo 20130321_154142_zps0d8bec1d.jpg
She won the second round, and a free meal from me next time.

 photo 20130321_162258_zps19419cfc.jpg

Was feeling all hot and dirty after spending 12 hours out.
But, I headed out with my family for dinner anyway. hehe.
Brought Sugar for some basic grooming!

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 photo 20130321_172533_zps580a7ff4.jpg
She was fine yesterday but fell ill suddenly. :((
Quite worried with her in the hospital but Weishan told me she'll be fine because it's quite common for dogs to poop blood.
Didn't think I would be very affected but seeing my sister cry and cry is making me all emotional too. :(
All prayed hard for her to be fine.

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