Monday, March 18, 2013

샤이니 ♡!

Kyaaaa!!! Had one of the best best best dreams last night~~~ ^^

It was so realistic!!

So so realistic!

I could literally feel the happiness. Even after reluctantly waking up, I could recall the dream and feel the joy.

So much happiness, I might have even grinned in my sleep. xD

But but but,,, I'm feeling the aftereffects right now. :( Lethargic!!!!!!

Ahhhhh.. Still, I'm glad to have dreamt that dream.

Realize they have been my only comfort and happypill (after my girlfriends) these days...

At least, they are always there when I need comfort and has never failed to calm me down, making me smile. LOL.

It's amazing how it happens and funny why it does............. ♥

Damn early in school today and I'm surprisingly still awake....

Have a good week ahead everyone! :3