Thursday, November 01, 2012


Came across this statement in Instagram today~~~~

"Don't look back and regret the things that once made you smile.
Everything happens for a reason."

Gotta keep that in mind...
Maybe then, I'll stop feeling all upset and sore. :)
sidenote: some people gotta learn to be more honest with their feelings and not beat around the bush or worse still, lead on another. Dishonesty and manipulation is just disgusting.


Last paper tomorrow.......... I'm feeling very excited and really happy!!!!! But, I'm extremely worried as well.... Among the papers I've to take this Semester, this last paper is considered one that I'm least prepared for. :/ AND THERE'S SO MUCH TO STUDY!!!!!! :(

Anyho, done with the papers and meet my happy pills for some good dimsum dinner!! <3
Cannot wait!