Saturday, September 01, 2012

Stiff Neck!

It's a torturous Saturday because I woke up to a terrible stiff in my neck!!!!! Making me so moodless. ==; Can't wait for evening to come though! I'm sure, I'll be having a good laugh watching "The Hossan Leong Show 2012"!!

Anyho~~~ Here's an update~! ^^

Oh! Before that, check out their new hair color!!!! :)

Last night, I stared at this white space trying to type an entry but deleted everything for about three times!! I still have quite a lot in mind to blog but I just can't seem to be satisfied with everything I've typed. :/

Anywayz, life has been pretty much like this...............................

ps: That shot was supposedly to snap a picture of the questions flashed. Apparently,,, you can't see a thing. Lol.

As predicted, 2012 has been awesome and will continue being awesome! It's already September and all I can think of are the good things that has happened! Of course, I won't be doing a summary of my 2012 just yet! I went through my entries the past year and wow.... I have to repeat: 2012 HAS BEEN FANTASTIC!!!

Cannot wait for October and December!!!!! A few more things to happen before I officially declare the good year. :)

SO! Since school is what I've been mostly up to , there's nothing much to update about, and I certainly do not want to bore this entry with my random thoughts these days~~~

LAST SATURDAY! I took my first test in school. Pretty much screwed that up. But it's okay, moved on and working hard on the next assignment.

Also met up with Mdm Ong for a simple lunch!

Something like that...... I rushed down after my test and was too moodless to eat. :/

Had a gooooood goooood chat with Mdm Ong though!!! It's really interesting yet kindda weird at the same time as we were chatting mostly about Korea and K-Pop. Hahah. Of course, we also mentioned a few things about her idol Kim Hyun JoongSurprise, surprise! She's indeed a fan! &Because she's going to be in 北京 (3 hours away from Korea?!) for the next 11 months, she kindly told me that we can call her up to meet her in Korea so she could bring us around!!! COOL OR WHATZ! :3

Missed Poo Kwee's 21st party Farm Animals' cycling+dinner that same Saturday though. :(

The rest of the week was pretty much project rushing and whatnot!


OHOH! We also played a small tiny prank on Jolene and Yaping. hehehe. Came up with an episode between Weishan and I, quarrelling and being disappointed with each other. lol. Though we've already expected the girls to not believe us entirely, it was still nice knowing that they cared. :') LOVE YOU GIRLS MANY MANY! :3

2 random shots up ahead!

On Thursday, we coincidentally wore everything black!!!! :)
That's Santy at the left by the way! ^^

&Weishan says she has a tiny bit Fann Wong's vibe!

&For yesterday!

Did not attend school for a really important reason! REALLY important!!! Class ends at a boohoo 3PM and I HAVE to purchase tickets for....... :3 SHINee's upcoming concert!!! And they are released at 3PM. ==; I'VE GOT NO CHOICE OKAY!!! Lol. Fine fine, it's a really stupid reason~ Who cares right? As long as I'm happy! :D

I'll just have to bury myself with the chapter I've missed. >,>


The during...

I know Jolene isn't very satisfied with this color. :( She wanted Bom's red but I guess that's only achievable with bleach!



Here's us in Jalan Kayu carpark. Lol.
We went there for prata and to satisfy Weishan's Maggi Goreng crave.

Rushed back home to excitedly sit infront of my laptop and wait for the clock to finally tick 1500HRS. End up didn't get the ideal seats but I guess it'll do? As long I get to watch the concert. :)

Toodles for now.