Sunday, March 25, 2012


HI HI HI!!!!! :D

Probably a really silly thing to be proud of (apart from my successful attempt to vacuum a sleeping roach 22days ago) but I still am proud that I've kept to my own promise!!

&That's being a good girl and not head out with any friends after work throughout the week! :D


Promised myself that random promise because I've been heading out a lot since the start of the month. &Last week, I've only spent a day at home! Leave home early (for work) and comes home really late after a good night out with friends. Though they were really good times, my house suddenly felt like a hotel. >< I was also not getting enough rest. I have enough sleep but it felt like I didn't rest enough. Yes, there's a difference!


It's a rather big deal to me because I had to say no to friends who asked me out which was reeeeeeally difficult because I think that "I can't, I promised myself to not go out" excuse a little bit unbelievable. LOL! Also because I'm the type that loves to be out and about! But to keep up to my promise, I marked my calendar and made sure I say no to whoever asked me out. HEHEHE.


&So, the coming week is a party-every-day week for me. ;)

Okay, random. Peace out! :D
ps: I don't care if the random inserts of SHINee's GIFs are unnecessary! I just wanna see them in my entry~ :p