Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Chase

Have been trying my utmost best to catch up with everything I have to do (there's a million things! and the list never ends!) but it seems that, the more I give chase the more lost I get. Zz

I don't expect myself to be on the same timeline just yet but I am rushing to catch up. At the very least, I do not want to be panicking and going crazy when deadlines arrive.

If you have question marks on your head right now, I'm referring to my work. I have to say; one's true workload happens only after the first 3-4 months. (Not my first work experience!)

During the first few months of my employment, I was still following the wind and all. Work was given to me and I was totally unaware of what I really have to do. But when the deadlines for various publication starts coming and people starts asking me for stuff that I have totally no idea of, I DIE. Lol. So now, I'm really really busy that I don't even have that much slack time to do anything else. (Not that I'm hired to do so la!)

Lately, Mr Headache has been making advances to me. I cannot remember when's the start of this pursuit but I'm sure it has been recurring daily ever since.


I've been having mild headache every late afternoon and I'm not even exaggerating. (Every week day that is.) I guess the fortune teller I visited last year was spot on.

Parents brought me to this Thai fortune teller last year to "seek for advice" on my next path in life. Further studies or continue on my (current) job. Was told that both are good paths so either is fine. (I've made my decision, btw)

&Because we've nothing else to ask, she told me to take care of my head and shoulders. I've always known about my shoulders(stiff like rock) but I was skeptical about the head part. I seldom get headaches(slap myself for this thought! ==' tsk) ever since after O'Levels (lol).

And now, I really want to slap myself. ==; Though mild, the daily visit Mr Headache does is really frustrating and uncomfortable. T^T But, if she's really accurate, I hope she fail just once on her judgement regarding my lovelife. LOL!!