Thursday, February 23, 2012

This is Random

As the title suggest. I'm being random again.
Was just doing my work, making calls as usual~ And as weird as it sounds, my mind started to multitask as I do my work. Like... Thoughts generating on it's own while I write, call and talk on the phone.

Yes, while talking, I'm thinking about random things!!!
I am weird, aren't I?! :/

I can't even figure out how my mind does it! ><

Anyway, my point~

Was just thinking if I'm the type who looks alright and happy on the outside but would suicide when I can't take it no more. Lol. For real. It's because even I myself cannot understand how realistically positive a person I am.

In fact, I don't even believe it myself!

Of course I have my ups and downs. But even at my lowest points, I'll pretty much recover fast.
(Usually after venting it via blog/tweet/fb)

Not that I don't think about it, I just stop feeling negatively about it.

Example: Something kindda horrible happened eariler this week at work. Was really shock and extremely upset initially. Like really really. Was almost in tears until I told myself "To hell with it. It is a good day and I shouldn't let such people ruin in."

The next thing I know? I was all happy again. In fact, I diverted these sad emotions to work even faster..... Lasted for an hour or so only though. Lol.
But I didn't wanna talk about it after that. Prolly because it doesn't matter anymore. Lol.
Gary even told me this: "You cannot be thinking so positively for every matter that comes in the way...." I wanted to laugh reading that. How can anyone encourage another to be negative?!!!! Not even a comforting because he's wanting me to think negatively about it! Lol. But of course, he didn't mean all the time...

Wait. Is this why I can still cheerfully make calls to more rude people after multiple stupid rejections and some really rude phone hangers?!! Hmmmmmm.


The main point of my random thinking is this random conclusion:
In all adversities, there's bound to be one good thing.(There must be at least one. There will be at least one!) Even if it's really small. It just depends on us to find it. To dig it out from the big hole of negativities. Because, the slightest positivity and happiness in an adversity or a dreadful event might just be the key factor for one to press on. For one to find true happiness; maybe.
To find the joy living a life.
Making sense? :/

I believe it's something the person up there make us all go through; it's just a matter of how each and everyone handles these negativities and whether or not we can find the light in the darkness on our own(or not).
And it's those who are able to happily live through negativities that will understand more about themselves and the life they are living.

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!

Our everyday episode is probably a long long movie for the person up there to be entertained, isn't it? Lol.

Happiness is one's chioce, yes, yes?

Things happened. Whether or not you feel horrible about it, nothing will change. So why bother being sad for long?!!
Though I cannot understand why I'm so weirdly positive, I can't understand how people can be sad for long either. Lol.

I believe that letting go of the bad things earlier means allowing good things to come faster.

Okay, end of my random entry because I'm going to head back to more work. :)