Friday, January 13, 2012

Too Much Fun

My mood ain't fantastic today.

It was blah.... blah.... meh. Didn't even have the mood to talk much. :/ But I'm okay, and rather high once I start. Weird, yes.
ps: Pardon, if I was being rude to you in my messages.

It's either the air-con here hates me or I've been having too much fun and not getting enough rest. My eyes feel extremely dry every single day ever since I came back from KL. Lack of sufficient rest?


But I want to believe it's the air-con. They must be secretly hating me. :'(

Okay, nonsensical, sorry.

Today's crappy mood is definitely due to the late sleep I had last night though.
&now, I'm down with a dry throat.

Dry complexion. Dry eyes. Dry throat.
What a great combination. *claps*

On a random left right backside note~~~
Ever since I got back from KL (or maybe even way before), I've been troubled with a lot of things. This this, that this, that that and just stuffs. Pieced everything together to realize how much discipline and control I do not have of myself.

Self-control. Self-discipline. Y U NO INSIDE ME!
Talks. Promises. Money. Rest. This. That. SIGH.

Resolution for 2012! Practice self-discipline and self-control to become someone better before the year ends! *determined*

&yes, if you have realized, I have no idea why I'm into so many paragraphing lately. :/

Oh ya, I've been feeling extremely pressured with regards to work lately. And I felt really upset and sorry that Jasmine had to help me with my work when she has work of her own. SIGH. How I wish I can kick this snowballed workload so it'll just scatter. Literally kick.


Now, peace out you random punks!

PS: A million things come and go in my head. But the thoughts of you never once escaped. It's insane!