Saturday, January 14, 2012

2 Movies in 3 Hours....

It might seem possible to finish two movies in 3 hours... But tonight, we spent this 3 hours finishing two movies that are suppose to be 2-hours long each!!

Silenced, and Breaking Dawn, the Twilight saga part 1!

It was a really random thing because curfew ruined the night (guilty) and we had no nearby place to hangout.

Headquarters it is!

Was suppose to be playing card games but I remembered wrongly what I have in my place. No one remembers how to play 'Bang!'. So while the guys (minus sleepyhead Soohou) plays mahjong with Yaping, the rest of us started on the movie.

The first movie was such a drag so I helped by skipping parts that really wasn't that important. As for the second, we just wanted to see the kiss, sex and giving birth scenes! We are horrible, I know. Haha.

ANYWAYS! Friday the 13th was good. :)

Despite the lousy mood I had~~~

Had dinner at Pow Sing Restaurant (a first!) together with Lance, Weishan, Yaping, Chee Fai, Jolene and Dave. Wanted to head down to Kallang for some singing session but my "time" was 12mn(finish dinnered at 9+++). Decided to head down for some bowling session in Kovan but it was too full. Later wanted to chill in 'Ice Edge'.

But damn, it's a Friday.

Many places are packed!

End up dessert-ing at Dessert Story while sharing stories before finally opting to come by my place to finish the night.....................

Blogging at such a time again because my hair is indeed still wet and so I told myself I should do a word entry (we didnt snap any pictures!) again today! So, here it is. :D

ps: dozed off halfway........ Lol.