Sunday, January 15, 2012

Having a Moment


As every hour, every minute and every second slowly ticks off in life; change is constantly happening.

My thoughts.
My perspectives.
My impressions.
My feelings.
They have also changed in one way or another.

As time goes by, it unknowingly developed deeper. Despite so, I was surprisingly able to single out my thoughts from my feelings. Slowly.

One may think that I'm just running away, hiding or just suppressing it all. But no, I'm not. I admit it's still there but it's slowly changing. For sure.. and who knows, it might change again when the situation changes.

Honestly, I am also trying to figure things out.

Maybe, it has reached the limit and can no longer go further, that's why it's slowly rolling backwards.
Maybe, it's the realization of how everything was just a misinterpretation. How it was a wrong analysis.
Maybe, it's because I'm seeing more. Seeing more than just skin deep now.
Maybe, I'm just tired from everything.
Maybe, it's because I'm understanding myself more. Knowing what I want better. &Realizing what works for me and what's best for myself.

So many episodes. So many feelings. So many thoughts. So many opinions.
I'm overwhelmed.

More than just over now.
Too much concerns. Too much thoughts. Too much missing.

Now, it's time to halt.
Now, it's time to not only say 'it's time to stop'.

I keep repeating this. Going in circles.

Who gets it?