Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I am finally able to post up an entry during the day on a weekday! (:(:(:
For your information, having to end most of my days(4 days!) at 6pm is really tiring and stupid! ): Actually, today's a CCA day(meaning day in school would prolly end around 6pm-9pm) but since we Year1s do not have any(CCA) so, HOME SWEET HOME earlyyyyyyy! This is a big deal to me okay! Unlike Soohou, having most of his last lesson end at 1pm. ):):): I'm so gonna enjoy all my lovable Wednesdays until I get a CCA. (;
Or maybe, I shouldn't get one! xD

Anyway, today's wasted yet nice.
Wasted; because the whole class came for the not-suppose-to-have 8am tutorial. =.= We waited for about an hour before someone took the initiative to ask for the lecturer?! LOL. Then, the lecturer came in and announce that we weren't suppose to have any tutorials for Week1. =.=
Anyway, Darius and I spent the time in the lab teaching our classmates how to do Pseudo-code. (: Wonder why Gary's not included?! Well, GARY left for breakfast because he had enough of waiting; along with two of our other classmates, STEPHANIE and TERRENCE! Gary's really bad. Leaving DARIUS in the class because of...... (; Ask me if you wanna know okay!

Nice; because our "Web Application Development" lecturer's pretty HOT! hahaha. He has nice voice, nice face features and a nice body. xD Was paying attention to the lesson, but my classmate, Lim Guan, and I were spending time talking about him too! HAHAH. Too bad the topic is way to dry and boring. ):):): Lim Guan dozed off half way through.

&&& We had this cute conversation...(something like this)
Lim Guan: "His voice too nice."
Jasmine: "Yeah, like lullaby luh?"

May not be funny to you la~ But, she was sleeping and we had that conversation when she woke up. (:

Anyway, there's only two modules we had to attend today so, there's nothing much to the day in school la. After school, Gary Darius and I went over to AMK Hub to get some presents!
Then, we had a light lunch at Fish & Co. Soohou came along and we had a long chat in the Restaurant or whatever you wanna call Fish & Co.

Soohou can really make us laugh la! Although he's really really REALLY LAME!
& It seems that he has slimmed down! (:(:(: Don't smirk when you see this okay!

Anyway, I really miss those days laughing at each other (most of the time at Gary and I) back then! Like how Soohou FOREVER bullies me and blurr Gary. And how both Gary and I will end up having tummy aches because of him.

Aww~ I REALLY miss Soohou~ How I wish we were in the same class(He might be disgusted though). ): Even when we're of different course! LOL. It's canceled because Soohou said he's glad we're not in the same class and I'm super upset and heart broken. x/3 ):

Soohou- I'M NOT ACTING LA! IDIOT~ LOL! &&&&, You're not noisy because of me okay! Idiot~ Don't always push the blame to me hor!

Anyway, I'm serious about the misses alright, Soohou?! Including the canceled line. LOL. I really miss those days la~

Okay! Hmm. It's really nice to mingle around. (:(:(:
During lunch, I had a fun time teasing some of my classmates. Especially Rachel! Whenever she says something I'll ask her "Did anyone ask you?!" LOL! Then she'll like... give a face signifying "Fine~" LOL! Cute la she. (: Fei Fei keep saying I'm cute(don't give any comments about this okay!) like OMG la~ LOL. =.=

Alright! I gotta complete some assignments now! (:

PS: Give me 5 minutes alone and I'll be alright!

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