Saturday, April 19, 2008


Nice number!
This is my 399th post! LOL.

Made you girls cried. :(

Here's a brief of what happened:
Some of my DPA friends and I went over to Sentosa to attend a Birthday celebration. Everything went well until when we were going home. We wanted to take a last picture in Vivo City then, we saw this big group of people gathering outside. I then spotted some people wearing the tee-shirt those freshie from TP wore for their Orientation. Thus, I called Cindy up. Then, she came over to meet me.

She HUGGED me really tight la! &&& She kept repeating she miss us and of course, ME! lol.
Initially, I was like: "Okay~ I felt that long ago." But then, she made me miss the times NPCONCC had even more!!! Like the Zoo trip, all the times in Gary's function room, the Birthday celebrations we have had, the times in School and many more! :( I wanted to tear but I DIDN'T!

Then, we bidded good bye because I had to rush to settle some things. By then, we were feeling really reluctant to leave la~ -.- After leaving, I received two smses from Yaping and Cindy.

I wanted to rush back to see them, SERIOUSLY, but I had to rush because I had this stupid curfew and things to settle. :( Like, I felt useless la~ I wanted to comfort them but all I could reply was saying how fast we would meet again. =.= STUPID ME!

Then, I heard that Serene cried too. :( I felt really guilty! If it wasn't for me to have like... went over to meet the girls, they won't have cried. :(

Okay okay, I know none of them would want me to blame myself la. But I just wanna say that I feelt guilty. SERIOUSLY!

Alright! I'll update about the day out in the beach later.

For now, I just wanna apologise and say that I really miss you girls and guys too! All the times we have had together is more than just memories we have had as one. :) Don't tear because you miss us okay!
This quote is very meaningful!:

Missing someone gets easier everyday.
Because, even though it is one day further from the last time you saw each other,
it is one day closer to the next time you will…

So, don't emo about all the misses okay! :) We'll meet soon soon soon! Even though now, we are in this new life, new environment, the times we have had together will NEVER BE FORGOTTEN! :)

It's not the distance that measures the friendship, it's how deep we love each other! So, don't tear okay! :(


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